Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Good Dose of Whimsy

Hi Knitters,
In the last post I linked a lot of fun things I wanted to share with you. Well, this little book deserves a little more attention because it is that special. Ysolda Teague is a wonderful young and vibrant designer. A couple of weeks ago I ordered her newly self-published book, Whimsical Little Knits.

What's excellent about her collection, besides the fabulous patterns, is that she gives many options when ordering. You can order individual patterns, the down loadable version of the book or the actual book that she will mail to you. I believe she lives in England so it takes a couple of weeks to get the hard copy. It's well worth the wait.
The book has a vintage feel as does Ysolda so it is perfect. I love the page to write your name in the book, very sweet.This shawl is named, Ishbel,  it is on fire right now on Ravelry. Just look at Ysolda, she is a beauty and an incredibly inventive and adept designer/pattern writer. I am impressed all-around.
Included in the book are a couple of pretty hats, fingerless gloves, Ishbel, a doll, a mouse, a couple more shawls, booties and a blanket. Oh, and grown-up booties or more like slippers. It is all fun and pretty and interesting. Give it a look if you are interested in something a little different to knit this summer. Little things make for good summer knitting.

Mainly, in addition to enjoying Ysolda's work, I bought her book to give my support to a young, talented knitting designer who is brave enough to self-publish and take on all of the work that it entails. It is a lot of work. That is simply wonderful! You would really enjoy her publication.
I love my new peeps at Blue Sky Alpacas. To welcome me aboard they sent me this lovely little bag that features a woven base, a funky crochet flower topper and a felted ball handle. The inside is lined with denim. The Collector and I are going to wrestle over this one, I can see it in her eyes. It is really sweet and they have no idea how nuts I am over little gestures like this. It means more to me than they'll ever know.

I just finished knitting a project for Blue Sky this morning. It is a fun one, full of whimsy for sure. It feels good to be done with a project. It always does.
The Collector and I read together before she leaves for school. We have about 20 minutes after the three older kids have left. It is a time I cherish. Sometimes we do word-finds together on the kitchen table, too. We started this new book a couple of days ago and it is incredibly cute. Tumtum and Nutmeg is a new release and it is very English and very wonderful. The author is Emily Bearn. It is a thick book that contains three different adventures, 3 in 1. We are enjoying the book and I thought I'd pass on our new discovery to you!

Take care, sweet Knitters. Hope all is well in your world today.
best, susie