Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Episode 20 ~ Antrorse Sweater & More!

Hi, Knitters,
Episode 20 is up on YouTube. If you'd like to watch directly or subscribe on YouTube click here. If you'd like to subscribe on iTunes or find out more click here.

I talk about a lot of different things today and this podcast is recorded on a couple of different days. One thing I share is a new hat design of mine called Fairytale Winter. It is available in a kit created by Tangerine Designs that is up for pre-order on November 7th.

The individual pattern will be available for download in my Ravelry Pattern Shop in January 2016. I will announce it when the pattern becomes available.

For now please check out the Cold Sheep Kit! The Cold Sheep kit is super cute and Casey of Tangerine Designs does a fantastic job with everything in her shop. I have a few of her wonderful project bags and I have met her a couple of times in person. She is cute and friendly and fun.

Click here for more pre-order Cold Sheep kit information.

From Casey of Tangerine Designs:
I'm planning on doing the Pre-orders Saturday, November 7 @ 10a.m. and 6 
p.m. CST.  The Fairytale Winter hat and Melissa Tuttle Sibley's Slippery Slope Sock pattern will go out that week with the bags and extras to follow in 

Thank you to my lovely Miss Molly for modeling and to my son for his photography.

Here are the links for the rest of Episode 20:

Highland Handmades Green Ash Worsted in the Kineo colorway

Okay, dear friends, I think that is it for today. Enjoy the episode and the links. I'll be back soon with more...
xo ~ susan