Friday, November 05, 2010

I know it's over but....

Hi Knitters,
I just had to share my goofy Halloween crew with you. Looking at that bunch of silliness makes me laugh. I especially like my nephew in the front. He's in the ghost busters costume with a white top-hat. Why not?

You know, I can't remember if I have told you the story of one Halloween many, many years ago. It was scarring. It was the year my mom bought my costume at our neighborhood elementary school resale. I am pretty sure it was maybe a dime or a quarter for the costume, possibly a nickel or even a penny.

I have been made fun of by my siblings (in a loving way) over the years due to wearing this costume in the late 1960's. It was a horrible hard plastic mask and some sort of cheap fabric/paper dress. You'll never guess who my mom dressed her preschool aged daughter up as that one Halloween.....

Lucille Ball.

It was perhaps the worst costume in costume history. It was basically unidentifiable. I don't think I even knew who Lucille Ball was at that age. My mom used to laugh about that costume, too, she knew it wasn't right. I will see if I can find the photo of my three older siblings and Lucille Ball sitting on the couch before trick or treating. I will share the photo someday if I ever am able to find it. It's a good one.

Have a good weekend everyone!
best, susie