Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Now for the Wearing

Hi Knitters,
Now comes the good part, the wearing. I wore my freshly blocked Citron out for some shopping yesterday and I couldn't keep my hands off the beaded edge. I have to do more beaded edges on things. In fact, I think I may cast on and try my hand at a shawl design today with some optional beading and maybe a tutorial or two for that. I will use sock weight yarn for this next one. That sounds kind of fun. I think it will have to have a ruffle, too. I am loving the ruffle. It will be something simple.

I asked my husband to quickly take this back shot of the shawl before he scrambled off to work. Before I asked he stopped and said, "That's cute." That's a lot from him.

I didn't enjoy knitting with the yarn all that much but I am loving the final project enough that I will most likely knit with lace weight again, maybe a Madelinetosh lace next. I can't believe the warmth I feel on my shoulders by this lightweight little shawl.

If you make the Citron I highly recommend making it bigger than in the pattern by adding at least a couple of sections before the ruffle. I would have regretted it immensely if I had not taken the time to make it bigger. Now it is just perfect.

I will most often wear this shawl like this, wrapped up close around my neck. That's my favorite style.

The colorful beads (6/0 Czech glass crown jewels, Royal Ruby) were in a tube I picked up at  Jo Ann's. I used all of the beads in one tube. I used a 1.25mm crochet hook to apply the beads. I bought the hook at Jo Ann's, too, Clover brand. That was all guess work and much to my happiness it was a first time success.

Off to another project or two! Someone is having fun around here.....
best, susie