Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Handmade Goods

Hi Knitters,
I've got the goods to share today. Above is my newly finished embroidered pillow fresh off my sewing machine. I bought the kit from someone you know. Her shop is up top on the sidebar of her blog. If you look at the pillow you can most likely guess who designed it. It looks like something she would have on the couch in her farmhouse. This was a quick, fun and simple project. BTW, I got the last one of this particular kit but there are others.
Here are some more fresh goods to share. This is my swap hat that came in the mail last week. I love the subdued, heathery colors, the sweet embroidery and the swirly, curly squiggles on top. Speattle (ravelry name) is the maker of my gorgeous gift. She organized the entire swap and did a wonderful job.
Speattle also knitted me this potholder. I love it. No one ever knits for me so when I get a rare knitted gift I get pretty excited. I appreciate all of the effort. Thank you.
Last but certainly not least, my nephew celebrated his 6th birthday and we hosted a family party for him. He's so much fun and he keeps me entertained plus he's pretty cute. He's our youngest cousin and he's getting old. That really stinks. What can you do?

Oh no, that wasn't the last, last thing. I have to tell you that I adore this blog so much and I have never really expressed this adoration. This woman is wonderful and talented. I don't hop on her blog often but every time I do visit I stay for a long time. When my time is done I always leave feeling better for it. I don't have her book and she has a new book coming soon but I will be getting both. She has definitely got the goods.

Take care, Knitters. Wednesday has come and almost gone. Let's make the rest of this short week filled with your own handmade goods.
best, susie
p.s. Okay, I have one more thing I keep forgetting to share. Look at the second version of this hat, it's even cuter than the first which I shared awhile ago. Triple love it. Talk about a winner!