Thursday, October 23, 2008

Little Waves

Hi Knitters,
I had so many emails and questions about my new Clapotis that I thought I would share my old Clapotis with you. If you look at the pattern link on Knitty, you can see that I used the same colorway of Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb called Bittersweet. It has a bit of orange in it and you know I like that. It is a bright, happy colorway and it looks great with my black peacoat. 
You know what's kind of funny is that when I have it laying out like that I can see some pooling action of the colors. I usually can't stand pooling but in this case when I am wearing it I don't notice it at all. Kate Gilbert named it after the French word for little waves. Her intention was that the purl side was the right side of the wrap and the dropped stitches gave the appearance of little waves running down.
The way I twist it up around my neck makes the right and wrong side a non-issue. This is exactly how I wear my Clapotis. I double wrap it with a tie at the front. It's cold and windy where I live and this is the perfect warm yet stylish wrap wrap for me.

I had a couple of questions about the Lion and Lamb yarn and how well it stands up. I made mine several years ago and it still looks like new to me and I have worn it a ton. It has traveled with me all over and I have not been gentle at all. There is no pilling to speak of, which was one of the concerns.

Look here (ravelry link) to see over 8,000 posted versions on ravelry, about 670 pages. Unbelievable. There are 4,000 more in queues.  Guess I'm not the only one.

Kristin has a new shop and it looks good. There are some great holiday gift ideas here.

Here is another scarf I love. I have Malabrigo just sitting around. Gotta add this pattern to my list.

One last note, I have had several requests for information about my friend, Dianne's, handspun. She emailed me today and said that she is hoping to open up an online shop to sell her beautiful handmade yarns. I'll keep you posted but only after I order first: )
Take care, Knitters.
best, susie