Thursday, September 01, 2011

VK Live! and New Patterns

Hi Knitters,
First, I talked to Beth Ritter at Vogue today and my classes are filling up for Vogue Knitting Live in Los Angeles on Friday, Sept. 23rd and Saturday, Sept. 24th. There are still some spots left in my classes and many other people's classes so please sign up if you are considering any of the classes being offered at the event.

I am getting really excited to head west for this big knitting event. I am also attending the Gala Dinner on Saturday night, Sept. 24th. I have already heard from some of the knitters sitting at my table for the night. Thank you. I am glad I won't be sitting by myself.

Now to change the subject, it seems I've got patterns coming out of my ears these last few weeks. I'm going to share a quick run-down of some of the recent releases.

The cute puppy set above is available in the brand new Interweave Gifts Issue 2011, available on news stands on September 6th. The set was named by Interweave as McHenry and the McHenry Hat. I have no idea why but it's cute. I was also honored to be interviewed for the Gifts issue and the interview appears inside the magazine. I haven't actually seen the magazine yet so I can't wait to get my hands on it.

The hat is really fun to knit. As you work on the hat, the ear placement is marked with a piece of scrap yarn as you knit and then the ear stitches are picked up and knit right onto the hat. There are no separate parts and no seaming or stitching, only smooth sailing.
McHenry is a sweet little fellow sure to withstand lots of carrying about and snuggling. I think the puppy is about 5 to 6 inches tall if I remember correctly.
I knit this sample in Blue Sky Skinny Cotton which is a dk weight. It is a wonderful yarn to knit toys with. I originally made McHenry in Spud & Chloë Sweater, which is a worsted weight. Interweave already had a project in Sweater so I had to switch. You could knit McHenry in Sweater, too, if you prefer and it would work out just fine. The Sweater colors Toast and Rootbeer would be perfect matches.
The red collar and the spot are optional, of course, but I think they add a little more fun and character to the project.
Another project that was just released is the Very Berry Hat I knit up for the Spud & Chloë On the Run pattern card series.

I used Spud & Chloë Sweater in the Barn and Grass colorways. The hat features four sizes, a simple fair isle pattern to make the seeds and the green top, and a cool little squiggle at the top. I love this hat as it could be made in so many different colors and it could be for a boy or girl.

The pattern is in printed form only (a pattern card) and is available only in local and online yarn shops. It is not available as a download.

Click here or here for two shops that have this pattern available right now.

There are many, many more shops that have the pattern. If the shop carries Spud & Chloë and/or Blue Sky Alpacas they can get this pattern for you and fast!

I also had a FREE pattern just released for Blue Sky Alpacas in their new Techno yarn. This yarn is dreamy and different. This is the perfect pattern to try out a hank or three! The set is called the Zig Zag Mittens and Hat and the pattern is written in an adult size.

If you don't already get the Blue Sky Alpacas Bluesletter you should hop on over here and subscribe.

My friend and co-worker and favorite yarn supplier, Merri, writes this letter and she does a wonderful job.

The Zig Zag Mittens have a long ribbed cuff that can be worn down or folded up. This adds a bit of versatility when you want to tuck the mittens inside the cuffs of your coat. I love being able to do this for warmth in the winter.
The original Zig Zag Hat I made was in dark gray, light gray and natural colors of Techno. I really like the contrast of the zig zag lines in these colors, too.
It is one of those hats that can be worn many different ways by adjusting the folding of the brim. I love it when a hat has versatility.
Although the pattern is written for an adult it fits my 11 year old daughter perfectly. Kids would fit in this hat as well as adults.
Here the brim is folded in half.
Now TC is wearing the Zig Zag hat as a full slouchy style hat with the brim not folded. This is my favorite way to style the hat.
I have a lot more patterns coming out over the next month or two that I am anxious to show you. I'll share them as they are released.

This has been such a hectic week or two around here with the hustle and bustle of school sports starting, college moving, parent meetings, sports events, form filling out, check writing, general sign-ups and school registrations and doctor appointments... it is a gigantic whirlwind. I am just trying to keep my act together. (To be honest, I did miss an orthodontist appointment today while I was at another doctor appointment with my son - go figure.)

I am sure you are all just as busy with your upcoming school year and fall activities. It's fun, isn't it? I love this time of year for so many reasons.
best, susie