Sunday, January 01, 2012

Beads and Winter Break Go Together

Hi Knitters,
First, I quickly want to thank you for all of the emails, messages and comments. I am overwhelmed by your kindness. Things are going to be good on the other side for me and I love that I have heard from so many of you sending your warm wishes, support and encouragement. Change is good and thank you for being my knitting buddies.

I spent hours (literally) today working only on completing a beaded bind off for my Citron. I love this beading technique so much. Click here for the tutorial I used. It was great fun adding the beads as I went. It is fun to try and learn new things. You should try adding beads sometime if you haven't yet. It is entertaining and beautiful. 

I also added four rows of garter stitch to the edge of the ruffle. I had two hanks of Malabrigo lace. I didn't use all of the second ball, there is still quite a bit left. I need to block and weave in the ends. I'll show the finished shawl and get a better photo for you but I am so excited about it being done that I had to share right away. Yay for finishing projects that have been languishing for years. I think it will easily be my favorite shawl for the winter.

Right after I posted about the fall-like weather around here it started snowing. It isn't really a good snow but more icy. Today it is cold and windy and icy. It feels like a proper winter day. I went for a run being extra careful not to slip and I did fine. My husband went running after me and he fell very hard gashing his hand, and bruising his elbow and knee. His elbow and knee are both swollen. He is fine but it is rough out there today.

On a different winter break note, I took my girls and their cousin to a Pilates class last week. My niece is getting her Pilates instructor certification and is giving free classes to gain the required hours. We had so much fun in the class. I haven't done Pilates before and I have some sore muscles to show for it. I run everyday but I am not good at the stretching and repetition stuff. We are going a couple more times over the kids' holiday break. We can't wait to go again and it is especially fun to go together.

Last night we hosted the high school boys swim team for a New Year's Eve gathering at our house. We had around forty people or so including the parents who came to help. The team has a tradition of game playing at this annual event. Some of the dads took charge of various card and dice games where the boys collected chips. The chips were used to cash in for prizes the parents donated at the end of the night. The prizes were things like small gift cards from all over, candy, games, and fun snack things. We had more food than I can possibly describe. It was incredible. What a generous group of parents.

I know I've said it before but this group of swimming boys are more fun every year. They are loud, funny, and silly and always good to each other. They sang songs, they played games for hours, they cheered, they ate, they had a huge, loud count down to bring in the new year. I love having them at our house. It was plain old good fun!

Wow, did I have a surprise waiting on my doorstep the other day, a giant basket of chocolates from I love this company! They are fun and supportive and they are doing wonderful new things in the crafting world. Click here to see my online courses, Wee Ones Seamless Toys and The (not so) Itty-Bitty Giraffe, and lots of other fantastic crafting courses! My courses are doing well and I am enjoying it immensely over there.

Thank you,!

I'm off to soak my new Citron in some Soak Wash in the Amy Butler scent, Sola. When you smell Sola you can't stop breathing it in. It is my favorite Soak scent. I'll keep you posted on the shawl! I can't wait to wear my new and blocked and beaded Citron.
best, susie