Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Two Little Girls and a Braid

Hi Knitters,
The Collector saw the cover of this catalog that came in the mailbox yesterday. We talked about how sweet and cute it was that the girls had their hair braided into one braid.

Today she called her best buddy, who is also her fairy house buddy, and the buddy ran right over to our house. She only lives through the backyard. Then the Collector found a hairbrush and then she found me. 

I braided two heads of beautiful dark chocolate and milk chocolate hair into a mega-thick and gorgeous braid.
This was the result. Aren't they cute? The Collector is on the left.
Then with their new joint braid the girls giggled and shuffled and hugged all the way over to the friend's house. To see them find such joy in something so simple was endearing.

I love little girls. 
best, susie