Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Super Sock Update

Hi Knitters,
I adore handknit stockinette stitch socks. There isn't much better when it comes to knitting projects and usefulness. My girls also adore handknit stockinette stitch socks. In fact, I have an entire dresser drawer designated for handknit socks only. My girls have found my drawer of handknit treasures and they have been making it their own this past fall and winter. I don't mind sharing but honestly, I really need to make more socks. Instead of making socks for my feet only I am now providing socks for all three of us. I can't blame them for enjoying handknit socks, they are simply the best.

With this in mind, I have been working on lots and lots of socks lately. I like having several (or more) socks on the needles at the same time. I keep them in small project bags (click here for my favorite bags) that are always loaded up with a small scissors, a tape measure, and a yarn needle. I love knitting socks because that's all you need and you are set for hours of fun. The project is small and portable and easy! But you probably already know all of that so let's get on to my current sock rundown.

Above is the the hard-to-get Watermelon Striping yarn from Freshisle Fibers being worked on Signature Needles dpns in US size 1. This first sock of the pair has been to several swim meets with me. The yarn is a single ply and it is a heavy fingering weight so it is not an easy knit on the US size 1 needles but I am determined to make the fabric as dense as possible so they will last longer.

I haven't made much progress on the Unisono sock I shared last week. I've just started a bit of the heel flap. The needles are Knit Picks dpns in US size 3.

This is the second sock for my beloved new pair of Opal socks. I bought the yarn here. I am knitting these socks on US size 1 dpns from Knit Picks. I have turned the heel and I am decreasing for the gusset. I will have this one finished in no time. This sock came with me to the swim meet last weekend where I made great progress.

This is the second sock of the Candy Corn Vesper Self-Striping sock yarn. I love these and they came to Vogue Knitting Live with me last fall. After Halloween came and went I kind of set these aside to work on other socks. I will get them done for next fall for sure!

The needles are Blackthorn US size 1 dpns. The needles are really unusual and I like them. They are not as slick as metal but they are very sharp which I love.

An assortment of sock knitting is always a good thing. If you have lots of choices going you always have something that will strike your fancy at any moment.

Are you knitting socks right now? I'd love to hear about it!

As a quick side note, TC finished another hat just the other day. She is obsessed with the Crystal Palace Mochi yarn series. She has knit hats and booties from all of the weights of the Mochi yarn. This particular hat is made out of the Chunky Mochi yarn on US size 9 needles. TC is donating this hat to a local knitting group that donates baby hats and blankets to various organizations throughout the year. I think they are meeting this weekend so she is excited to have something to donate when she goes off to knit.

The pattern for this single skein hat for the Chunky Mochi yarn is available by clicking here and is called the Chunky Mochi Baby Hat. TC actually designed this hat and I wrote up the pattern for her. It is an adorable quick knit that would be an excellent baby gift.

Okay, Knitters, I'm off to knit, knit, knit! I have so many projects going for books and other pattern stuff. There is never enough time in the day. I hope you are all doing well.
best, susie