Thursday, October 02, 2008

Queen of Chicken

Hi Knitters,
What a week. I have received some good news. Photographer extraordinaire, Liz Banfield, has signed on to work on the toy book with me. She did the photography for the first two books and she is fantastic. Check out her site and her blog, she is truly amazing. Yay!

When my husband came down the stairs the other morning I had a drill, hammer, saw and tons of wooden pieces spread all over the kitchen counter. He asked, "What is this, the shoemaker and the elves?" My life has become elf-like at this point. That is so funny. Yes, I have some roll-y type toys in the new book. They are pretty cool stuff. Can't wait to share.

If I have any other title it has to be The Queen of Chicken. The other day my sister called me to give me a new chicken recipe that she got from a friend while on the school playground. When I find a new quick and easy chicken recipe I'm all over it. The cooking isn't fancy around here but it is big.

Here are few of the chicken recipes I rotate on a regular basis:
chicken salsa
chicken and rice
barbecue chicken
chicken salad
chicken soup
shredded chicken sandwiches
chicken enchiladas
chicken Parmesan
baked lemon chicken
grilled chicken
chicken curry
chicken chili
chicken Marsala

There are many more but I am too tired to remember right now. See, I am like the shrimp guy in Forest Gump, only with chicken. Me and my chicken casserole, best friends forever. Okay, so here is the new one I tried the other night:
1 bottle French dressing
1 package French onion soup mix 
1 can whole cranberry sauce
Heat up the sauce ingredients above and brown the chicken ( I get the boneless, skinless breasts, family size pack). Place everything in a 13x9 inch pan ( I have to make 2 pans of everything a night and usually there are no left overs, I double or triple every recipe). Bake at 350 degrees for maybe another 45 minutes. Oh, and cover with foil. 

The thing is that my family loves French dressing, all of them. My husband is the biggest French dressing lover I have ever met. He will order French dressing in every restaurant and we always have it in the fridge. Anyway, my family loved this recipe and everyone agreed that it is a do-again dish. I'll add it to my list of hash slinging recipes. I need to fill these kids up and it isn't an easy task.

The Queen of Chicken is now signing off. I am a tired out chicken little.
Good night, Knitters.
best, susie