Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Eleventh Hour

Hi Knitters,
The Collector was on another marathon crafting session yesterday morning. She made two fantastic dioramas that I will share later. One is a winter scene and one is a garden. The garden is a gift for one of her cousins. Anyway, she requested some felted balls to use in her art project. I pulled out my big bag of felted goodies and then I started thinking about snowmen. I dug around and pulled out the white ones and stacked them up.
I got some white thread and a sewing needle, stitched two balls together, these are the two centimeter size. I have some felted rings that have sequins on them and I plopped the snowmen on top of them. They look like little sleds. I quickly stitched the ring to the snowman. I cut out little carrot noses out of some orange wool felt. Stitch, stitch. I ran a thread right through the top and made a loop for hanging. Last, I grabbed a black Sharpie and drew eyes, a charcoal mouth and a couple of buttons. The snowman is about 1.5 inches tall. It's tiny.

In a few short minutes I made three super cute snowman ornaments. These were fun and fast and you could do it, too. The felted goodies are all from here
Oh yeah, and that scarf? It's called the eleventh hour scarf. The pattern is here and it took less than an hour to make.  I love it.

I was surprised at the overwhelmingly positive votes for the chunky cabled tam. I was definitely encouraged and I am going to give the tam to my niece. That was fun and I loved reading all of the comments. You are a fun group of readers, thank you. I also received a lot of emails and some ravelry comments as well. There were some nays but the yays outnumbered by far.

I'll let you know how it goes and I will try to get a picture of my niece with the hat on at some point.

Happy holidays, Knitters. I appreciate you and your insight.
best, susie