Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Lookie, Lookie

Hi Knitters,
I found another pair of the pg. 81 booties in my studio. I have some demo pieces knitted up and I just need to get someone around here to photo my hands (that should never be done, ever, and you'll see why) putting the booties together. They are simple knitting, then a tiny bit complicated to put together. I plan on that shortly.
Okay, have you seen the spring Knitty? It is a good one. Here are my favorites: carolyn, tahoe, torque, and dashing. Stacey did you see dashing?
I pursued my Rowan Scottish Tweed DK quest and guess what? I found it here because they sent me a promotional email that I opened up and (wa-la) it was there for the taking. I don't even know when I will have time to knit the cabled blanket coat (see my March 17th post), but knowing the yarn is with me is a good feeling.
Off to edit I go.
best, susie