Monday, December 21, 2009

Snooty Snood Deux

Hi Knitters,
Fast and furious today! Late last night I hurriedly finished a second Snooty Snood by Gina Hills. I will be giving it away for Christmas. The Collector gave me permission to take her photo this morning but threw in a brusque, "Hurry up!" So I jumped to it as ordered. She is on fire over Christmas.
Baby Alpaca Grande Tweed, color 100. 2 skeins, none left. US size 13 needles.
There are some funny mistakes in this one but I am okay with that. I'll never tell and it looks good to me!

I get asked this every time, the yarn cubbies in the background are old and from Sundance catalog. I don't even get that catalog any longer, is it still around? I used to order from there every once in a while. Cool stuff. Robert Redford style.

I've got to run. My boys' high school swim team is coming over for dinner tonight for Chinese. That's close to 40 people total. My older daughter had already planned a sleep over for three friends as well. Poor planning. All I have to do is provide the house and make dessert. Everything else is being taken care of for us. It should be fun but I need to clean and bake and clean some more!

One other exciting bit of news is that my oldest son has just been accepted in the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is so excited as it is the only place he has ever wanted to go to college. He only applied for one other school. I've never seen anyone so set on one school. There was no doubt in his mind. I would have felt so sad for him if it didn't work out. But it did! Phew!

We have a long family history at the UW-Madison with loads of family members going to college here, including my husband and me, and my dad who was a professor at the UW-Madison for over 30 years. The campus is the reason we grew up and lived in Madison, I was born shortly after my dad got his position on the faculty. My husband played football for the Badgers as well. In general, we are just Madison people through and through and we love it to death here so it isn't hard for us to understand why my son feels so strongly. In fact, I feel good that we have passed on our love for our great little city and our great big college.

What a gift for the season. I don't need anything else. Now, I get to breathe a big sigh of relief.

Happiness lives on!
best, susie