Friday, December 26, 2008

This One is Even Better!

Hi Knitters,
The dark glasses are only to cover the dark circles under my eyes and to go incognito in my living room. Black is always difficult to photograph but you can get the idea. Okay, this is exciting. Let me tell you what I did starting on Christmas Eve. I took the Chunky Cabled Tam pattern from here and I re-worked it into this fantastic cabled tam and it was simple. Plus this was actually a joyful knit, not a painful one and super fast. Mainly because I only used one strand of the Manos wool instead of doubling the yarn throughout. That is much easier on your hands.
I took a size 9, 16 inch circular and cast on 80 stitches. At 4 stitches per inch, this will give me a 20 inch hat. Perfect. Then I worked the same rib for the brim as in the original pattern. Then for the increase rounds I worked onto a size 9, 24 inch. For the first increase round I worked (k1, kfb) across the round, increasing 40 stitches. The second round I increased another 24 stitches to come up with the same number as the pattern calls for.
Then I worked the repeat from the original pattern 4 times, then rounds 1-5 once. It's a simple and fast and a fun knit, so much better. I love this hat! You have to try this rework.
I did the exact same decrease sequence as in the original pattern. Worked like a charm. Now I think this is the perfect tam. I used one full skein of Manos wool, plus a little from a second skein, half the amount from the original hat at three skeins. With a quick steam the hat relaxed into a soft, pliable fabric, not heavy at all. My niece has sensitive skin so I did a quick lining with some beautiful gray fleece so there is no itch factor. It is gorgeous all-around.

I will give them both to her and see what happens. The second version is more wearable in my opinion and it just feels better on your head. If you are at all interested in this style of hat but you don't want the fashion statement of the first hat, give this enjoyable version a swing.

Okay, dear knitters, I am hosting my niece's birthday party today because all of the left-overs are at my house as we hosted Christmas for my sweet family as well. It will be a second holiday celebration. Hope you are all feeling good today, the day after. I feel a big sigh of relief today, everyone's happy. 
best, susie