Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Ebb Cowl for Quince & Co.'s Scarves, Etc. 2013!

Hi, Knitters,
Excitement is running high over here surrounding my new cowl design, called Ebb, which is being previewed right now on Quince & Company's blog! Click here to see the preview. Today is just a short sneak peek, I'll have much more information and news coming up quickly.

The Ebb Cowl (short for the expression, ebb and flow), is part of Quince's new ebook, Scarves, Etc. 2013. The ebook is being released next week on March 5th and the patterns are all being sold individually. That way you can pick and choose which patterns work for you. Scarves, Etc. 2013 has 17 new designs that include scarves, cowls, and shawls all designed by fabulous knitters. The collection started with an open call for submissions last fall.

For reference, Ebb comes in four sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The sample above is the extra-large size and can be wrapped several times around your neck. The smallest fits up closer to the neck, once around.

I am hosting a knitalong for Ebb starting on March 12th and ending April 12th, 2013. This will give everyone time to get their yarn and pattern together. You can join in anytime. I have posted an initial thread in my Ravelry group, Itty-Bitty Knits. Please let me know in the comments here and/or in the thread if you are interested in knitting Ebb along with me. I'll have many tips, sharing and prizes along the way!

I used Quince & Co. Lark in the Peacock (above) and Storm (below) colorways. Lark is a worsted weight yarn and is held doubled throughout the project. That means two-strands are held together while you are knitting. For naysayers on holding yarn doubled while you knit, it is actually fun and totally worthwhile! The finished cowl is unique, squishy and stunning due to the two-strands being held together. The cowl is also surprisingly simple and quick to knit. Ebb has a bouncy, plush fabric that shows the Ebb stitch pattern detail beautifully. You can sink you teeth into this rich cowl, dive in and stay awhile. It is the best!

The gauge on the pattern is listed in the Ebb stitch pattern but if you are getting 3 stitches per inch in stockinette stitch you will be good to go. The stitch pattern looks deceptively difficult. It is mainly 2 by 2 rib with a fun twist every few rows. It is an interesting and captivating stitch pattern to work.

Here are some specific details for you from the pattern:
Finished measurements
26 1⁄2 (40, 53 1⁄4, 66 1⁄2)" [67.5 (101.5, 135.5, 169) cm] in circumference and 8 1⁄2" [21.5 cm] deep 

Yarn Lark by Quince & Co.
(100% American wool; 134yd [123m]/50g) • 2 (4, 6, 8) skeins (yarn is held doubled throughout) 

• One 24 (32, 32, 32)" circular needle (circ) in size US 11 [8mm] Or size to obtain gauge

• Stitch marker (m) 
• Cable needle (cn) 
• Tapestry needle

12 sts and 16 rows = 4" [10 cm] in ebb pattern with yarn held doubled, before blocking 
12 sts and 20 rows = 4" [10 cm] in ebb pattern with yarn held doubled, after blocking

The photo above is of the first sample I knit of Ebb while it is drying on the blocking boards. Now you can clearly see why the name Ebb came to mind.... windy, back and forth, trails ebbing and flowing.  The fabric is completely reversible, too, gorgeous on each side.

There is much more to come! Let me know if you are interested in the knitalong. If you are not on Ravelry you can still easily participate in the knitalong by letting me know. I'll enter you in the giveaways and I will be posting on this blog to update everyone as we go.
best, susie
p.s. Quince & Co. is a dream yarn company. I have such respect for everything they do. What a privilege it is to have this opportunity with them. Thank you, Quince.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Knitting Pipeline Retreat & Seattle Knitters Guild!

Hi, Knitters,
As my book release and book tour is getting closer, exciting new opportunities keep popping up. I've added two more dates to my upcoming appearances. The Egg to Turtle free pattern card will be available at all of these upcoming events if you are interested.

On Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013, I was invited to speak at the Seattle Knitters Guild! This is perfect because I am just going to fly into Seattle a day early for Vogue Knitting LiveApril 5-7th! My new book, Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys, will be available to purchase and for signing at the meeting. The book isn't even going to be released yet so this means these will be preview copies. Please contact the guild for more information about the meeting. What an honor to be asked. Thank you to the Seattle Knitters Guild.

Click here for the Seattle Knitters Guild website!  I am speaking from 7-8pm and will have a short book signing immediately following. Bring your other books for me to sign as well if you'd like. 

Click here to register for classes for Vogue Knitting Live Seattle! I hope to see you there. I am so excited about my classes for this event. There are still openings available.

Another newly added stop is that I am attending the Knitting Pipeline Retreat on April 26th and 27th, 2013! I am so excited about this one. I love Paula Emons-Fuessle or PrairiePiper (rav id) from the Knitting Pipeline Podcast.  It is one of the most sincere and informative audio-podcasts around. You should listen if you don't already. Paula announced that I am coming to her retreat on the podcast last week so now I can tell you all about it here.

The Knitting Pipeline Retreat is in Washington, Illinois, and there are still openings available as I understand it. This may be filling up so act quickly if you are interested in coming to the retreat. I'm not teaching at this event, I am simply attending as a guest. I will bring the trunk show for my new book and will be available to sign books so bring your books to the event if you'd like them signed. I would love to sign them for you.

The other April event (it is going to be a very busy month), is that I am teaching at the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling, April 18th - 21st! I am also flying in a day early to do a book signing, trunk show and meet and greet (open to the public) at the Loopy Ewe Yarn Shop before the event. My event at the yarn shop is Wednesday, April 17th, 2013 and the shop is in Ft. Collins, Colorado. This is great because the retreat is full already but I am happy that I'll be able to meet and sign books for anyone interested in the area.

If you are planning on stopping by the Loopy Ewe shop on April 17th click here for the location and contact information. Please let Sheri, the owner, know if you are planning on stopping by and to get more details.

April is going to be a whirlwind but I can't wait! So the schedule in a nutshell is this:
March 9th - Teaching two workshops (Top-Down Baby Cardigan and String a Long Toys) at the Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In! Click here for more information.
April 3rd - 7th: Seattle Knitters Guild (contact the guild if you are planning on attending) and Vogue Knitting Live Seattle
April 17th - 21st: The Loopy Ewe Yarn Shop appearance and the Loopy Ewe Spring Fling in Ft. Collins, Colorado
April 26th and 27th - Knitting Pipeline Retreat! in Washington, Illinois

Now onto to general knitting and other topics. I finished writing up the patterns, charts and handouts for my Fair Isle Two-handed Hat class I am teaching at Vogue Knitting Live and other places coming up. That was a ton of work but I feel really good about it. I might try to squeeze in a couple more patterns before I teach if time allows. Knitting Fair Isle hats is truly addicting and fun. 

I used a new charting making software called Knit Visualizer. It is a great program for creating your own charts if you are interested. I am still learning the ins-and-outs but I did create some good, clear charts for this new class. That felt like an accomplishment.

The next class I am tackling is the Build-a-Toy Workshop. I spent the weekend working on, knitting and designing bodies, heads, legs, arms and tails for the students to put together to create their own knit toys. I've still got a ways to go but I'm very pleased with how this workshop is coming together. Lots of class sample knitting and pattern writing to conquer this week. More updates on this class soon!

For some personal knitting, I couldn't resist casting on for another new pair of handspun socks. I now have two different handspun socks going at the same time which is kind of fun. This one is from Moonshine Fiber Company roving (not sure if the shop is still open or just on hiatus). I got 462 yards of a fingering weight.

The sock in the photo above I started on two 16-inch circular needles to see if I would enjoy this technique. The answer? 


I didn't have any trouble with the two circular needle technique at all but after the rib and working about an inch down on the cuff I couldn't take it any longer. I quickly switched back to my trusty double-pointed needles. I am just so much faster on my dpns and I find it so much quicker and simpler. There isn't all of the sliding the stitches onto the needle and back on the cord. Plus the actual sock is much more flexible while you are knitting on dpns. The two circulars make the sock flat and immobile while you are working and this bothered me for some reason.  

Don't mind me if you enjoy your sock knitting on two circulars or any other technique, that's all good by me. It is always a good thing to try different techniques to see if they work for you or not. That's how we learn and grow as knitters.

I worked on my Sipsey's Folly sleeve #2 off and on last weekend. 

Needles are from here.

I have been wearing knitwear every single day this winter. I have been trying to share photos on Facebook and Instagram to show my daily knits which has been fun. Above is my Shalom cardigan (free pattern). I added sleeves and more buttons. It is knit in Cascade 128. This quick and simple cardigan has become a favorite. 

My other favorite is the Owls sweater by Kate Davies. I first knit this as a pullover and decided I'd much rather have it as a cardigan so I steeked it up the front, added button bands and buttons. Now I wear my Owls cardigan every week. I am so glad I didn't let it sit as a pullover. I was really sharing the cut and color for my hair the other day but I was wearing my Owls cardigan at the same time. 

I'll leave you today with some shots of snowy Madison. It's still a winter wonderland around here.

We stumbled upon this prairie snowman yesterday on our hike. I love it when people leave a quiet treat like this for others to enjoy. The face and hair are really the best. The teeth are some sort of dried seed pods. We are still enjoying winter but we are also getting anxious for spring at the same time. March is near.

Take care and have a wonderful start to your week.
best, susie

Friday, February 22, 2013


Hi, Knitters,
First, I am so excited to be able to announce that I will be at Fibre Space in Alexandria, Virginia on May 3rd for a workshop and separate book signing event! Give them a call (703) 664-0344) if you are able to come to either the workshop or the signing or both. Everyone is welcome. 

Then I will be off to the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival for the first time on May 4th and 5th for book signings (and hopefully some shopping, fingers crossed I will have time). Let me know if you are going to either of these events. I'd LOVE to see you there.

Now onto knitterly goings-on. I'm off to an extra early start this morning. My girls don't have school today and my son is taking the bus home from college for a long weekend. He will arrive after dinner tonight. I know it will turn into a hectic day (getting food for my ravenous college boy alone is hectic) so I am trying to get some work things done before the day starts rolling for everyone else. Plus, we are having another blizzard as an added bonus, lots of snow and ice this winter. It's not for the weary.

I want to share some photos and chat for a moment about some things I am currently working on, both work-wise and fun-wise. I finished up writing the pattern and knitting samples for the Egg to Turtle reversible toy. It is all off to good old NYC (Artisan Books) for photos, editing and pattern card production. It turned out really, really great! The turtle is knit in one piece, no seaming at all. 

Here are the eggs that when you flip them over and turn them inside out they become the tiny turtles. The egg is knit separately and the only seaming is to whipstitch the egg to the turtle around the small opening. 

I knit these toys in Quince & Co. Lark, a worsted weight wool. It is such great yarn, reasonably priced, with a wide and wonderful range of colors. I have a big bag of leftovers setting right by my main knitting chair and I keep pulling out colors to whip up little toys, fair isle hats, fingerless mitts, tiny sweaters, and so on. I swear that every knitter should start collecting skeins of this wonderful wool in every color just to have on hand. 

I received a lot of questions, dozens and dozens, about how to get the Egg to Turtle pattern so instead of trying to answer everyone individually I am going to answer on here. The pattern for the Egg to Turtle is now a promotional free pattern only. I am going to have the pattern with me on a slick pattern card to hand out as a free bonus pattern (it's not in Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out) to knitters at my book tour events, book signings, and workshops. I am doing these events over the many months ahead.

Eventually, when the touring is done I plan on adding this pattern to my Ravelry Pattern Shop as a pdf download but I don't know exactly when that will be at this point. I'll keep you posted on here when it becomes available.

Now for some personal knitting, I finally finished the Rainbows and Clouds socks (click here for the etsy shop). Three cheers! I was sitting at a long swim meet last weekend and knit my heart out on these while watching. When I got home from the meet I only had to finish up the toe on the second sock. 

Here is the finished pair all squishy and cozy on my feet. These feel like heaven. The yarn is vibrant and I love the variegated cloud stripes. I don't know how Abbi Grasso does it but I sure appreciate her talent. I have her watermelon sock yarn (yes, more watermelon socks are coming) and her heart sock yarn waiting in the wings to be cast on.

Oh, and by the way, the meet we went to was the State Tournament for the high school boys. Our boys are done with high school swimming so we just went to support the team and to enjoy the meet which was really fun (way more fun) without all the pressure. The photo above is of the cover of the meet program. See that guy with the huge mouth (he looks like me) on the cover? That's a photo of my son from last year. The photo I took of the program isn't very good. I took it at the meet to send to my son so he could see he was on the program cover. His response was a simple, "Funny."

I shared this photo on Instagram and Facebook, but it is worth sharing again here. Remember Miss Molly's Gaptastic Cowl? Click here to see Miss Molly's cowl. Peachy loved it so much that she wanted one for herself. She selected the Twig colorway in the Quince & Co. Puffin. It's only $9 a skein... such a good deal when you compare prices for other 100% wool bulky/superbulky weight yarns. Love that.

I've got a good start on Peachy's version of the cowl. I am knitting on US size 13, 24-inch circular needles and I've burned through one of these yarn cakes already. This is about the simplest cowl you could find. Seed stitch is it, knit and purl and purl and knit. I love simple stuff like this every once in awhile.

Isn't that yarn dreamy looking?

I have finished the first sleeve and have about 5 inches done on the second sleeve for the Sipsey's Folly sweater. The sleeves are going slow for a couple of reasons, they aren't that interesting and I can't wait to get to the colorwork yoke. Progress is good but not fast enough.

You can see the finished Sipsey's Folly sleeve under my sock knitting in the photo above. After I finished the Rainbows and Clouds socks I cast on the second sock from my handspun yarn from Dyeabolical roving. I have had the first sock done for a long, long time now and it needs a partner. I already have at least a few inches done on the cuff now. I'll keep you posted on the progress here. It seems to be going quickly. I promised myself that I would finish off these languishing second sock projects and I am working toward doing just that.

I frogged (ripped out) a 3-inch ribbed cabled cuff of a sock that had been sitting for a couple of years in my studio. I never felt like working on it so I decided it needed to go. That felt good.

I'll leave with this photo from last weekend. We went on a crunchy snowy hike through our favorite conservation park located right in our neighborhood. We are so lucky to have this vast spread of woods, ponds and prairie land right in our backyard. That's TC and my husband above. They are quite a pair (of silly goofballs). 

Take care and have a wonderful weekend hopefully full of wool and knitting.
best, susie
p.s. Remember how I said I wanted to knit a shawl that crosses over in the front and ties in the back on the shawl wearing video? I was so excited to see this post about a sweet "sheep to shawl" version that does just that. Look here.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Book, New Classes!

Hi, Knitters,
Last week was quite exciting as I held the my new book in my hands for the first time. A preview copy of Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out arrived from my publisher, Artisan Books. It's always such a thrill to hold your proper physical book for the first time after years of hard work. I am very pleased with how everything turned out, quite proud really. Yes, that is a pull-tab on the top of the cover. The book is full of surprises. Much more on all of this later.... 

For the moment I want to focus on the turtle sitting on the cover. The turtle is one of my reversible toys and it does turn into an egg or vice versa. The pattern for the Egg to Turtle toy is not in the book. This pattern is a BONUS pattern, a separate promotional free pattern that I get to share with people attending  my classes and events in the months to come. I am really excited about being able to share something in addition to the book at my upcoming signings, meet and greets and classes.

So here's how the bonus pattern Egg to Turtle toy works: 


I know the belly shot is not all that flattering for the turtle, my apologies dear turtle, but I want to show you the opening on the underside where you turn the egg inside out to get the turtle. For size it rests in the palm of your hand. The entire turtle is knit in one piece - no seaming involved! The only seam is a simple whipstitch to attach the egg to the turtle around that tiny opening. It's super easy. 

Anyway, my publisher is making slick pattern cards for me to share with you. I have made a couple more Egg to Turtle toys, one in gray, white and blue and another in pink, purple and blush just for fun. I'll post more photos later. It's plain old adorable. 

I hope to see any of you who can make it out to see me at a few places I am visiting across the country, really from side to side.

Here is the run-down on a couple venues where I'll be in the very near future (more dates and information coming soon):

March 9th - Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In! I am teaching a Top-Down Baby Cardigan class filled with options (hood, fronts, sleeves, body shapes) and instruction on how to design your own cardigan. This class includes baby cardigan patterns with loads of options (newborn to 2 years in size), a tiny ornament-size sweater, and a doll or bear sized cardigan. Lots of options, lots of fun!


The other class I am teaching at the Madison Knit In is the String-a-Long Toy class. This class packs in tons of toy-making techniques, and patterns for seamless frogs, mice or monkeys, plus a bonus pattern. These toys are knit entirely in one piece - no seaming involved - from the bottom up!


The Madison Knit In has a sign-up open to members first and then the classes are open to the public! Elsbeth Lavold is speaking and teaching, and Amy Herzog is also teaching amongst many other fine instructors. 

April 5-7th - Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle, April 5-7th! Plus a separate Seattle yarn shop event to be announced very soon!

I can't wait to head to Bellevue/Seattle coming up shortly here! I will be teaching three days of classes starting on Friday, Apr. 5th straight through Sunday, April 7th. These classes include String-a-Long Toys class above but also some new classes I'm working on. 

One of the new classes is my Fair Isle Hat Class. We are going to learn how to knit colorwork using two colors and two hands (at the same time), Latvian Braids, how to work long carries of colors, reading a simple chart, and corrugated ribbing all while making a wonderful sampler hat. This class is packed full of technique, beginners are welcome, be prepared to work hard and have fun! Here are some photos of the hat patterns (you will get lots of choices to design your own version in your own selected size, baby through adult) that will be provided in the class. 

The Fair Isle Hat classes in Seattle have just had more spots added. That is so exciting!

Another new class I am teaching at VK Live in Seattle is my seamless all in one-piece Sock Bunny Class. This is another loaded toy technique class. Grab that languishing ball of sock yarn, striping or solid, or leftovers, and head to this class to create this adorable seamless sock yarn bunny. That's right, it is knit entirely in one-piece. We will be learning about after-thought arms, legs and ears, face embroidery, stuffing techniques, picking up and knitting onto your toy and more. I am currently working on a smaller version pattern to hand out in class as well for an additional option during class. I am providing the companion sock bunny hat pattern for the students, too. The bunny is one of my favorite toy designs ever and it provides such a great teaching tool.

I am also teaching a Build-a-Toy Class in Seattle that is new. I am working away on class samples and patterns and will share photos soon. In this class you will be given patterns for different body shapes, head shapes, ears, limbs and tails to create your own one-of-a-kind toy. Along the way the students will be learning all kinds of toy-making techniques and tips all while designing their own knit toys. I am having so much fun creating this class material.

I can't wait for this event! These VK Live events are like nothing else. I hope to see, teach and meet as many of you as possible. This is my first trip to Seattle so I am hoping it's a good one. 

My new book, Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out is being released April 9th, 2013. I will have the bonus pattern available at all of these events so come and see me if you get a chance.

That's enough information for today. I have so much more in the works. Over the next months I will be traveling to Maryland, Nashville, New Brunswick Canada, Ft. Collins Colorado (event at the Loopy Ewe store and the Spring Fling!), Alexandria Virginia, Columbus Ohio, Illinois, Minneapolis.... and more. I will talk about it in pieces because it is too much for one post.

The free bonus pattern Egg to Turtle will be available at all of these upcoming events! 

Please let me know if you are coming. I get so excited to teach as it is one of the best parts of my job.
best, susie

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Wear that Shawl

Hi, Knitters,
I randomly selected two winners for the Alana Dakos giveaway. lisaknitsinGA (rav id) is the winner of  Botanical Knits! carolannknits (rav id) is the winner of Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf! Congratulations to both of you. I'll have another giveaway very soon. Thanks to all for participating.

For today, I had an email last week from Ronni on behalf of her knitting group. She referenced the photo (above) of TC wearing the Quaker Ridge Shawlette  or the QRS and she was wondering how to get the shawl to look like this. She thought it was a funny question but I think it's a great question. I wrote Ronni back saying I would put up a quick video sharing different ways I like to wear my shawls. 

If you can't see the video for email subscribers, click right here to watch the video on youtube.

The video is 4 minutes long so it is a short one. Enjoy!

Do you wear your shawls a different way? I'd love to hear about it. Or what's your favorite way to wear your shawls?

I forgot to show this one shoulder wrap style in the video. I think this looks so stylish (especially with your braces:).

Have a great Valentine's Day! This is a painted and graffiti-ed heart I made with my girls. I hope you are all getting some time to knit and to be with loved ones.
best, susie
p.s. Craftsy is having an enormous sale starting today through February 17th. Some classes are as much as 75% off! Click here to find out more.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Double Alana Dakos Giveaway!

Hi, Knitters,
All photos in today's post are provided by Alana Dakos.

I am back today with another double giveaway! The giveaway today features one of my favorite designers, Alana Dakos. A short while back she released the children's book called, Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf. I pre-ordered my deluxe set immediately. This book is a children's picture book that tells the story of a child wanting to learn to knit and how she does just that. At the back of the book there is a knitting instruction section to teach a child to knit. The story is sweet (it is based on Alana's experiences with her own young daughter) and the illustrations are wonderful. 

Here is the description from the website:
About the Author
Alana Dakos is a mother of two and a hopelessly obsessed knitter. She produces a unique line of knitting patterns under the name of "Never Not Knitting" and is the co-author of the 2011 hit Coastal Knits. As a former knitting instructor, Alana has enjoyed teaching countless children to knit as well as her own six-year-old daughter, who helped her with this story. Check out Alana's pattern line, blog, and knitting podcast at NeverNotKnitting.com
About the Illustrator
Neesha Hudson is a freelance illustrator living with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia. Originally from Maine, she studied at Ringling College of Art and Design, focusing on children's book illustration. She now spends her days caring for her beautiful baby girl and drawing everything from knitting needles to nursery art. Find more of Neesha's illustration work at NeeshaHudson.com

The Deluxe Edition Gift Set includes paper dolls (my favorite thing!), stickers, the hardcover book, and a puzzle. It all comes in a neat and tidy box. The set is high quality and just fun and clever! I love everything about the set.

I'll tell you how to win your own deluxe set for Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf at the end of the post!

That Alana is a speedy one as she has now released another collection called, Botanical Knits, and it is simply lovely. She offers twelve gorgeous designs inspired by trees and foliage. Included are fingerless mitts, mittens, cardigans, sweaters, hats, a scarf, a shawl and socks. As always, each project is thoughtful and meticulously designed, Alana is a master. I especially love the cardigans and sweater and would love to knit them all.

Below are some important links for you about Alana and the Botanical Knits collection:  

Here is Alana's description of Botanical Knits and the details on how you can order:

Botanical Knits: Twelve Designs inspired by trees and foliage incorporates the natural beauty of plant life into twelve garments and accessories. Included in the twelve are four sweaters for every occasion, a stylish cloche, a matching pair of textured socks and mittens, and an elegant leaf-bordered wrap. Each botanically inspired piece offers both charted and written pattern instructions that are easy to follow and fun to knit.
Purchase the ebook today OR pre-order the printed book HERE for $22 plus shipping at BotanicalKnits.com.
The book is scheduled to arrive in May, but everyone who pre-orders the printed version will receive a complimentary e-book to download right away. This will allow you to get started on your favorite projects while you wait for your book to arrive. As an additional “thank you” for pre-ordering the printed version, I will include a NEW, EXTRA botanically inspired pattern along with your book shipment.

These Spring Foliage Mitts are so sweet and fun. I love the leafy motifs throughout the book.

Autumn's End is an allover lace pattern sweater with clever shaping panels tucked into the sides. I am planning on knitting this one up soon. It's just beautiful. 

The Twigs and Willows cardigan is my personal favorite in the book. It is a simple, classic cardigan with a single branch and leaf motif in the yoke. The cardigan is knit in pieces and seamed and the yarn is Shelter by Brooklyn Tweed.

Alana is an incredibly talented knitter, designer and pattern writer. You will love this leaf-inspired book! 

I am excited to be able to offer you a giveaway from Alana. You have a chance to win the book version of either Botanical Knits or Annie and the Swiss Cheese Scarf - the Deluxe Edition Gift Set. Please leave one comment on this post to enter. You must include either your email address or ravelry id so I can get in touch if you win. I will collect your mailing address so Alana can mail the books directly to the winners. Please only enter once, there is a delay in the posting of the comments so please be patient.

There will be two winners randomly selected, one for each book. Also, in your comment please let me know which book you would like or if you would love either book.

Good luck and let the comments begin!
best, susie