Sunday, April 04, 2010

Lombard St.

Hi Knitters,
My son filmed a video of us in the Anderson family van going down Lombard St. in San Francisco. If you don't know, this is the curviest road in the United States but I think there may be one even curvier that I heard about later. It is a very short street, about one block, filled with sharp hairpin turns. My husband took an illegal left to go onto the street so we entered amidst honking and dirty looks. He didn't care one bit. He was funny maneuvering around the city like an old pro, he is very confident in his driving which can be pretty humorous actually. The kids get the biggest kick out of him.

I took the audio out of the video because the kids didn't know I was going to post this so that's why it is quiet. They were being pretty silly.

I have some great trip photos that I'll share later. We stayed at a couple of fantastic spots that are worth a peek.

I'll be back really soon.

I started a fun baby blanket project on Spud says! while I was gone. If you are interested click here. The project is in the last three posts on that blog.
best, susie