Monday, May 17, 2010

My Brother's Buddy Joe

Hi Knitters,
My brother, Scott, spent the weekend with his good buddy Joe. Vice President Joe Biden, that is. Here is the link to the article and photos. That is my brother in the sunglasses turning and laughing with Mr. Vice President. Oh, and those are my brother's binoculars that he let the Vice President borrow. I can't believe that Mr. Vice President forgot his binocs.

My nephew is on the crew team and apparently the Bidens' granddaughter is on a crew team that was also at the regatta. My brother told me that the secret service was all over and that they actually selected the seats right behind my brother. I'm sure they spied his binoculars at the ready and seized the opportunity.

I LOVE it!
Now on the left in this photograph is my sister-in-law with the sunglasses. She is a Susan, too.

Aren't they cute? They all look so happy.

Wow, and I thought I had a good weekend.
best, susie