Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Bluest Sky

Hi Knitters,
I've selected four recipients for the skeins of Blue Sky Cotton. I am truly overwhelmed by the number of emails I received from willing knitters. It would take me a long time to count. I wish I had enough yarn to send some to each and every one of you. I hope Lucinda can feel the support and love knitters are giving her just through their thoughts and wishes. It's real and it's astounding.

Lucinda was so happy about the Blue Sky Cotton giveaway that she asked for 6 names to send some of her yarn, too. I randomly grabbed 6 emails and sent them off to her. Six more of you will be getting cotton from Lucinda to knit birds. Through this yarn we will be able to send her 30 finished birdies. How wonderful is that?

My heart is full because of you, the sweetest knitting birds on earth. Your willingness to help is beyond the bluest sky.

Can you guess what The Collector is in the photo?

That's right, she's a dpn. She learned to use dpns this morning to top off her latest hat. She did a couple rounds and I did a couple of rounds. As I was finishing the last round I looked up and she was doing a dance that ended in this pose. She told me she was a dpn. With my camera right next to me I snapped a quick shot so you could join her in this knitterly accomplishment. That's some serious pride.

Have a good weekend, Knitters, it is a beautiful day in Madison with the bluest skies of all. I will be back soon with my latest Girl Scout knitting meeting including lots and lots of fun photos.
best, susie