Thursday, December 17, 2015

My Kermis Cardigan and the Kit Giveaway!

Hi, Knitters,
Be sure to read to the end to find out how you could win a Kermis cardigan kit!

How are you holding up with the holiday bustle this year? I hope well. It has been a fun stretch around here. My new book, Kids' Knitting Workshop, was officially released a couple of days ago. I hope you'll give it a look. It is really good for kids, adults and anyone in between who is interested in learning to knit.

I filmed two short tutorials to go along with the book. Click here for the Magic Loop video and click here for the double-pointed needle video!

Thank you to for the kind review, click here to read it!

Thank you to Paula of Knitting Pipeline for a good, in-depth review on her last podcast and blog for Episode 232! Click here to read and/or listen!

I have a great yarn and Kids' Knitting Workshop giveaway coming up very soon. I am getting it organized right now. Stay tuned for that.

Now onto to some knitting that's been happening around here. The lovely Cate Carter of Infinite Twist sent me a kit for the Kermis cardigan (in the photo above) a short while back. There are several different kit colorways but for some reason the Carousel kit caught my eye the most. I think it was the coral-red edgings. 

But let me tell you how I even ran across this cardigan first. Do you remember the Solja sweater I knitted last spring?

I love this sweater and I loved knitting this sweater. The lace on body and sleeves was fun and fast and the colorwork yoke was even better. I loved selecting the colors and the whole thing was a good experience. 

Anna Maltz is the designer of Solja and since I enjoyed it so much I wanted to check out her other designs. This is where I ran across the Kermis cardigan. Anna has a keen eye for playful designs that are both wearable and whimsical.

When I saw Infinite Twist had kits for Kermis I contacted Cate Carter to see if we could coordinate a giveaway for a kit for the cardigan. Cate was in! I received my kit and was blown away by the colors of the yarn, the pattern and the sweet pink buttons all included in the kit. I think needles might be included, too, but I told Cate I didn't need them. 

I couldn't wait to dive in.

I did a few things differently than in the pattern. I wanted to knit the entire thing in the round so I added a steek to the front starting at the cast on edge. The pattern has you knit back and forth up to the colorwork section of the yoke, which is only 12 rounds or so. 

I'll talk about this a little more but first here is some general information:
Size: Medium ~ 38.5 inch bust (The sizes range from xs to xl.)
Needles: US size 5

I usually knit sweaters in around a 36 inch bust size give or take depending on the sweater. The description of Kermis says it is supposed to be a fitted but as I've said many times, I don't love a tightly fitted cardigan or sweater. If I had wanted the cardigan to be fitted I could have made the small size at 35.25 inches for the bust. Anyway, I set out to make the cardigan in a more relaxed fit from the start and that's exactly what I got!

~ I added a steek for the entire bottom-up garment so I could knit it up faster in the round (the pattern has you knit back and forth for the body). I added in 5 extra stitches to be worked in stockinette stitch on each side of the 5 added steek stitches because of the eyelet rounds. When the steek is turned under on the wrong side I didn't want it showing through the eyelets.
~ I shortened the rib on the body significantly. My bottom rib section is about 2.5 inches and the pattern calls for 6.5 inches. 
~ I lengthened the body by a couple of inches before reaching the underarms.
~ I shortened the rib on the sleeves. My ribbed cuff is about 5 inches and the pattern calls for 7.25 inches.
~ I lengthened the sleeves to be full-length.
~ I used the crochet method for steeking the sweater. Click here to see a tutorial!
The pattern calls for a unique steek technique called a knotted steek where you knot the cut ends together for a tidy finish. This method looks like it takes a lot of time and would work well for a 12 round steek like the pattern calls for but it's maybe not my first choice for steeking an entire sweater.
~ I changed the numbers on the button bands for the number to pick up (I think I picked up 20 fewer stitches than called for in the pattern). 
~ I changed the number to cast off and cast on for the buttonholes from 4 to 3. Four bound-off stitches would have been too large of a hole for the buttons. I changed the numbers for the buttonhole row completely to accommodate the different buttonholes and picked up stitches.
~ I used 9 buttons instead of 8 buttons as in the pattern. 

All in all, it's adorable! My version of Kermis has a relaxed comfy fit. The fabric is light, airy and bouncy. It isn't too hot and heavy at all. I just love it. The pattern is well-written and designer Anna Maltz did a super job. Congratulations, Anna on another great garment design.

The kit I used is called Carousel. The other kit colorways are called Sparrow (browns and creams) and Toffee Apple (pinks and purples) and the new Kay's Choice (that's Kay of Mason-Dixon Knitting, of course). All of the kits are gorgeous!

Check out the kits here on Infinite Twist!

Thanks to the generosity of Cate Carter of Infinite Twist I am able to offer one Kermis kit in the color of choice to a lucky winner today! The kit is valued starting at $110. Cate will work with you on the color and size selections if you win.

To enter to win a Kermis kit, please leave one comment on the blog that includes your email address or your Ravelry username so we can get in touch if you win. In your comment you can let me know what colorway you would choose for your kit if you'd like, I'd love to hear about it. When leaving your comment please click on the submit button only one time. There is a delay before your comment will appear on the blog. 

Happy holiday season to all. I hope you are all knitting away the days in happy anticipation.

Good luck if you enter and let the comments begin!
xo ~ susan