Thursday, January 09, 2014

First Sock Report of 2014

Hi, Knitters,
Well, I'm off to a fun start for 2014. I just reviewed an almost final draft of an exciting new project I have been working on for some time now. It is adorable and will be released, hopefully, later this month. My hope is that you are going to love it as much as I do. I think you will.

Over the next few days I am releasing the Prairie Ridge Shawl and the Little Dragon and Mini-Little Dragon (all in one pattern) patterns in my Ravelry Pattern Store! I will post about each on the blog to let you know when those become available. I'm very excited about both of these patterns becoming available for download for you!

I am getting organized, mostly in my head, for Vogue Knitting Live in New York City at the end of next week. Who wouldn't be excited for that? I love the VK Live events so much. The staff is excellent and the whole thing is run so well. Next up is Vogue Knitting live in Seattle in March! I hope to see some of you in New York and in Seattle. I just found out that I am having a book signing in the Knitty City booth in the market at VK Live on Saturday, Jan. 18th from 5:30 to 6:30! I will sign any and all books or book plates, whatever you'd like to bring or purchase in the booth. It would be great if you could pop on by.

Okay, enough of all of that business talk. Let's talk socks!

I want to give you a quick sock report today. I can't stop knitting tons of socks at the same time. It doesn't bother me at all. I pick them up and put them down like nobody's business. They all get finished eventually. I love the process as much as the wearing. So here we go with my many socks in progress.

Above in the photo:
Yarn: My own handspun, Dyeabolical Roving purchased at the Kentucky Sheep & Fiber Festival
Progress: This is the second sock. I wear the first sock all of the time, mismatched style. I'm getting close to the heel flap on the second sock.
The Yarn Buddy, that the cake is sitting on, is wonderful. It is from my buddies Jeanette and George of Sun Valley Fibers. I leave it sitting in my living room and knit a round or two or three whenever it moves me.
Needles: Knit Picks US size 1dpns

This reminds me, I have a hat and mitt set that I designed for Sun Valley Fibers for the Thaw Retreat coming up toward the end of January. I am teaching at the retreat along with Amy Detjen. I will be releasing that pattern shortly after the retreat. It is really cute and the MCN Worsted by Sun Valley is like heaven. Jeanette dyed a special colorway just for the retreat. It is gorgeous and icy, you'll see.

Yarn: Knit Circus Matching Gradient Sock Set ~ I purchased this set from my friend Jaala, the dyer and founder of Knit Circus. I love this yarn.
Needles: Addi Sock Rocket US size 1, 32-inch circs (I like these very much.) My first ever attempt at Magic Looping socks. Eh, it's okay. Dpns are much faster for me, much more efficient because there is not as much movement and sliding things around. Dpns are so compact and quick. It's cool though. I like trying new things and techniques. I will probably do Magic Loop socks again at some point just for kicks.
Progress: This is the first sock, the gusset is done and I've got a couple of inches on the foot.  
Project bag: My own sewn bag (first ever zippered pouch for me). Fabric by Julianna Horner purchased at JoAnns. Bag Pattern: Open-wide bag tutorial.

Yarn: Opal Vincent Van Gogh Starry Night (discontinued)
Needles: Knit Picks US size 1 dpns
Progress: I'm on the heel flap of the second sock! I can't wait to wear these. 
Project bag: Sew Bendy on Etsy I love these little bags, simple, pretty, no fuss.

Yarn: Watermelon Stripes by Abbi Grasso on Etsy! This one is an amazing dyer and I love her yarn.
Needles: Knit Picks US size 1 dpns
Progress: I've just started the ribbing on the second sock. The first sock was completed at my senior daughter's last and final high school swim meet. This memory will be tied to these socks forever.
Project bag: Sew Bendy on Etsy

Yarn: Vesper Mini Skein Halloween Set (I love Vesper Yarn!)
Needle holder: Jelby on Etsy (purchased at the SSK market last summer)
Progress: This is the second sock. I wear the first sock mismatched right now. I'm almost to the heel flap, maybe a couple more inches.
Project bag: Windy Prairie on Etsy This is the shop with the journal covers, too.

Yarn: Patons Kroy in the Blue Striped Ragg colorway purchased at the Wisconsin Craft Market (the most amazing craft/yarn shop you will ever see!)
Progress: First sock ~ loving the yarn!
Needles: Knit Picks US size 1 dpns
Project Bag: Sew Bendy on Etsy

Yarn: Cakewalk Yarns (discontinued) in the Peppermint Bark colorway
Needles: Knit Picks US size 1 dpns 
Progress: First sock. Gusset complete and I'm cruising along on the foot enjoying every minute of this yarn.
Project bag: Sew Bendy on Etsy

On an unrelated to socks topic, I am still not finished with my Agnes sweater/now cardigan. I'll tell you the story quickly. This started as a pullover, just like in the pattern. 

I realized that, after it was finished, I would like it better as a cozy cardigan. So I steeked it as an afterthought, as you do, and I liked it much better. I had these great cut branch buttons from Wooden Treasures on Etsy and they look perfect on the Bark colorway of Quince & Co. Puffin. It's all tree-like.

Here is the continued issue, the neckline in the front runs too high on my neck. I get fidgety about things bothering me on my neck. It is a top-down cardigan without any shaping at the neckline. The high neck bothered me in pullover form and it continued to bother me in cardigan form. I thought that it would be better in cardigan form because I could leave the top button open but it never sits right, flopping around or something. I am a no-fuss clothing wearer. I can't have any fussing whatsoever or I won't wear it. Not wearing this lovely, cozy cardigan just can't be left that way.

The other day I was wearing a knit hoodie cardigan and another day I was wearing my Calligraphy Cardigan by Hannah Fettig. What I realized from these two cardigans is that I needed to add onto the collar so that it would flop open onto my shoulders, stay there, and then it would not hit too high on my neck. I looked and sure enough I have a leftover ball of the Quince & Co. Puffin in Bark just waiting to become a collar. It's not enough for a hood but it is enough for an added ribbed collar!

Away I went. I picked up stitches around the neckline. I couldn't pull out the edge to get live stitches due to the steeking action but I think it will look fine. I picked up so the ridge would be on the right side and you won't see it at all when the collar lays open. 

The photo above shows the remedy in progress. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE this cardigan and the yarn. I won't quit on a sweater until I get it just right for me. It's basically never over. I am sure by the popularity of the Agnes pattern that most don't mind the neckline. It is just something that bothers me and that I can fix that pretty easily.

I'll keep you posted to see if it works, it looks pretty promising. My fingers are crossed.

And to finish off the day here, a big, gigantic THANK YOU goes out to all of you for participating in my Great Stash Sale on eBay! It is now over, for the time being, although I may make a few more Magic Cakes in the future sometime.... you never know. It was great fun and it is feeling much lighter around here now. You are a speedy bunch. The last group of orders is shipping out today. 

I'll be back with new pattern information on those downloads and more! I hope you are all off to a good start this new year.
best, susie