Friday, September 05, 2008

Chicken Scratches

Hi Knitters,
As I was cleaning through my bookshelves yesterday I ran across this beautiful, well-written article by Carma Wadley for the Deseret News in Salt Lake City. Carma kindly sent me a copy of the paper. This was from Nov. 12, 2007 and was photographed when I visited The Wool Cabin last fall for my book tour. That was one of my favorite stops ever, by the way. The reason I am bringing this up again? Well, I fondly glanced over the article and the lovely photos taken at the shop when I noticed something on the page....
...someone, who shall remain nameless, scribbled their math problem right on the top photo. That is hilarious to me. I really am laughing at how funny that is. Here your mom has this great article in a big newspaper and it is used as scrap paper for math. The scene is set, you are doing your homework and you can't find a scrap of paper to save your life so you scratch out, in pen, how many cans of soda 6 people would get if there were 8 sodas (4 would get 1 can and 2 would get 2 cans, fyi) directly on the top photo of your mom's article, not a hesitation involved. And scene. That's too good.

I actually didn't see the chicken scratches when I put the article away. I guess that teaches me that anything left on the counter is fair game for a quick math problem. I probably left it out thinking someone might enjoy looking at the article. I was mistaken.
On to the knitting, I am working on this lovely and simple two row scarf pattern. I saw this free stitch pattern for a scarf somewhere and scratched it down on a scrap (yes, I found a real, empty scrap of paper), and I wrote the name Merci scarf on the top. I have no recollection of where I found the pattern and I googled the Merci Scarf and didn't come up with anything. Does anyone remember seeing this somewhere? Let me know, otherwise I will write out the two rows for you if I don't find a link. It is fun, easy to memorize and it gives a crisp stitch pattern that doesn't roll at the edges and looks great from both sides. Keep me posted if you know anything.

*added later, thanks for the comment, Leslie. The Merci Scarf is here.
I couldn't let this hat get away. It's a beauty. I already started in some super old Donegal Tweed in a golden hue. It is an excellent pattern.
Across the street I found these hairy acorn caps scattered all over the ground. I love how there are so many types of acorns with different tops. I picked up as many as I could carry in my hands and we are pretty excited about the fact that there is a double and a triple header in the bunch. My daughter made these up last night to add to our collection of felty acorns. The knitted Acorns a la Betz already were given to a teacher to start out the fall season. I'll have to make some more.

Have you seen this new site? Check it out for some great, free patterns. I already printed this one out. La-la-love it.

Take care, Knitters. Is it really Friday already? Can't be true.
best, susie