Monday, November 07, 2011

Wee Ones Seamless Knit Toys on Craftsy!

Hi Knitters,
In October I headed to Denver for several days of taping two online courses for I had such a great time while I was there. It was hard work filming the classes but very fun at the same time. Today I want to share one of the courses, Wee Ones - Seamless Knit Toys, with you and it is available and for 50% off for a short time!

Now, for a little information about Wee Ones - Seamless Knit Toys. It is a three in one pattern for an elephant, hippo and bunny. The body is the same for each toy. The head for each animal starts out the same and then is shaped at the front to create the different features.
You start out by knitting the head of each animal. The ears are picked up and knit right on the head. After the head is complete you pick up stitches for the neck and knit down for the body as if you are making a top-down sweater. After creating a yoke, you leave the arm stitches on scrap yarn.
For the legs you use the afterthought technique that is often used for heels in socks, thumbs on mittens, or pockets on sweaters.
After you knit the last stitch, you are done with the toy! It is clever and fun and fast. There is literally no seaming at the end and not one separate part to stitch together. Using various techniques and tricks the Wee Ones come together so smoothly. I think you will really love this pattern.

After making the first Wee One you will see how easily and quickly be able to make more. These toys are the perfect gifts for any occasion!
The tails are picked up and knit on for the elephant and hippo and of course the bunny has a sweet little pom-pom attached to the back.

In the course I demonstrate face embroidery which is one of the most important pieces to a successful knit toy.

This photo became a little fuzzy when I re-sized it, but I want you to see the bonus pattern I included in the course. The pattern is for a fun little stripey top-down sweater that fits all three Wee Ones! I love this quick little add-on. I was thinking the sweater could be personalized with school/college colors, favorite colors or embroidered with an initial or two.

The Wee Ones are about 5 inches tall when seated. The toys are made in a worsted weight yarn and I used Spud & Chloƫ Sweater, of course. Each toy takes less than one hank of Sweater.

I linked this previously in the post but here it is again with more detail. I have a 50% off deal available for you right now! This deal will end soon. The course is normally $59.99 and right now you can purchase it for $29.99! You get all of the video lessons which you can watch any time at your own pace, it never expires.

The patterns for the Wee Ones and the top-down sweater are both included with the course. You also get a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the course. There is no risk whatsoever. Also, there are discussions, project photos, a forum to ask questions or to discuss. I am already jumping in to help with questions and discussions and it has been so fun to hear what people are thinking while knitting the Wee Ones.

Right now the pattern is only available when you purchase the Craftsy course for Wee Ones.

If you haven't been to the Craftsy site before you really should pop over and see what all of the buzz is about. It is a fantastic resource for all kinds of crafting, not just knitting.

Let me know what you think. I am really proud of this pattern and design and how this course turned out! I'll do a separate post later about the second course I did for Craftsy.

best, susie