Thursday, January 31, 2008

Crochet Answers and Copyright Questions

Hi Knitters,
Here is one quick knitting update, I finished one Vesper Knit and Tonic sock yesterday. It's a beauty. I have already started the second sock.

I tallied up the responses I received about crochet being added on a knitted project for trims or for embellishments. There were a good number of comments left and I received quite a few emails on the subject as well. I know this isn't a huge study but the results came out kind of how I thought they might. About 75% of the responses were positive to crochet being used in knitting projects. In fact many said they love to crochet and learned to crochet prior to knitting. The other 25% were mostly against ever using crochet for anything. There were a couple of maybe someday crocheters thrown in there, too. I find it all interesting. I had a couple of knitters suggest that if I use a crochet aspect in a pattern there could be a knit alternative as well. I also had quite a few people who are like me, if I like a pattern enough and it has a skill I don't know then I learn the technique needed to make the project. I work on a learn as needed basis a lot and it works well for me. This way I am always adding to my repertoire of skills which is good. Thanks for letting me know how you feel about crochet being combined with knitting.
I have one last topic that I have been thinking about mentioning for quite some time now. Every week I get a number emails from sweet and kind knitters who are requesting permission to knit my designs and sell them for profit. I also receive many emails from concerned knitters who are alerting me to sites, blogs and etsy sellers who are knitting and selling my designs.
I have been writing individually to the people who email me but it has become increasingly difficult for me to keep up with these requests. I think if I make a statement here it might help clear up some questions people have on this subject. I will be adding a copyright statement to my sidebar as well.
In general, I do not give permission to others to sell my designs in pattern (written) form or knitted form for online retail, retail shops, resale or for wholesale ventures. My designs in written and in knitted form are for personal use only, not to be used for commercial sales of any sort.
On the other hand, I have given and do give my permission for my designs in knitted form to be used for charity donations of any kind like school fundraisers, hospital fundraisers, shelters, silent auctions, etc. Any type of charity knitting is an absolute yes from me! I love that people knit baby hats and baby items for charities, nothing could be better than that. Yay for charity knitting.
best, susie
p.s. Dani of Sunshine Yarns just opened her new online shop and it is beautiful. I've already made a couple of purchases.