Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Can you ImagiKnit?

Hi Knitters,
While I was in San Francisco I had a quick moment to visit the wonderful yarn shop, ImaginKnit. I had popped on their site to find the address and to make note of anything unusual about the shop before my stop but I really had no idea what to expect. ImagiKnit is on a corner and the street going up the side of the shop is incredibly steep. See how it looks pretty unassuming from the outside?
I was happy to be greeted with Blue Sky Alpacas Pretty Cheep Bags hanging across the front window. Those bags are the best for storing little projects and whatnot.
I found the Spud & Chloë right away. That's the Sweater yarn above. However....
um, yeah. Have you ever seen so much yarn in your life? I mean talk about inventory. ImagiKnit has it ALL. First off, the store is really like two stores. It is huge and spacious. Secondly, every inch is covered with gorgeous yarn and I think it is organized by fiber? or was it yarn weight? I know they had a sock yarn area and a bulky weight area. Anyway, there was lots of staff on-hand to help and they were super nice and friendly. I asked if they minded if I took some photographs before I started snapping away.
They had Blue Sky Alpacas, Spud & Chloë, Madeline Tosh, Yarn Collage (remember from a couple posts ago?), Manos, Malabrigo, Classic Elite, Debbie Bliss, Noro.... the list goes on forever and a day. Click here to see their extensive yarn selection. It is fantastic.
There is comfortable seating all over the place, couches, chairs, tables. There is a homey feel, very comfortable. I was very much struck by the number of knitted samples that were placed all over the shop. They had knitted hats, tables (literally) of sweaters, scarves, blankets, afghans, etc.
TC liked this wall of fun. On the floor behind her is one of those cool cashmere scarf kits. I should have bought one. Darn it. I have looked at those many times and then I never get one in the end. The kit contains enough cashmere yarn for a good sized scarf and 7 different pattern options. I have never knitted with straight cashmere and I only own one cashmere sweater. This is something I really want to try. I would get the pink scarf kit if I had the chance again. Oh well, things come and go. They have men's and women's versions available. Maybe I'd get black instead of pink.
This is the room when you walk in the front doors. See the cement floor? Love that.
Oh, I found the Spud & Chloë Outer, too. Love that Outer so much. In fact, I can't get enough of it. This is the top seller of the Spud & Chloë line and I understand why.
This is the second room of ImagiKnit. It is just as good as the first. This is the room with the tables with samples stacked up very high. I was really impressed. They had a lot of baby items displayed, too. See how they have two mannequins set up with men's knitwear? Pretty unusual.
Now you can see the walls in the second room. There were also lots of accessories and needles and bags to choose from. The options are endless in ImagiKnit. The staff was really friendly and welcoming. I enjoyed meeting them.
They even carry the Spud & Chloë pencil bags right along with the Blue Sky Pretty Cheep Bags. Both are terrific to store little things.
The second column of shelves from the right houses my favorite cotton, Blue Sky Worsted Cotton! They have the new Multi along with the organic and dyed cottons. What a vast selection they offer.
Do you see the wall of button tubes on the left? TC and I spent a long time looking at the button selection. Incredible. Oh, and who is that big guy sitting at the table reading a pattern? Someone better call security! Just kidding, that's my husband who is a man with a whole lot of patience, bless his heart.
Okay, so this last photo is something kind of cool and different ImagiKnit offers. Malabrigo sends sample or trial new colors of their yarns to this shop. Sometimes the colors become regular colors and sometimes they don't! Katelyn told me that they get sent bags of Unknown colors that can't be found anywhere else. That's what the unk on the label above means.

Great shop, great area, great city! Can't go wrong. I bought a skein of Madeline Tosh sock yarn in a lovely mix of greens and TC got a ball of pink fluffy stuff, super bulky weight (not sure of the brand).

Oh, and they had lots and lots of my books (Itty-Bitty Toys and Hats) and I signed them all! If you want an autographed copy you should give them a call or stop by to grab one. I met Jonah at the register when I was buying my yarn and he was really nice to meet. I think he is the manager.

You should definitely check out ImagiKnit if you are in the area.

3897 18th St. (at Sanchez)
San Francisco, CA 94114
(415) 621-6642
Monday-Saturday 11-6:30, Sunday 11-4
ImagiKnit - san francisco

This week is flying by, right?
Talk to you soon.
best, susie
p.s. I bought this pattern for a scarf. You might like it, too.