Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Some Fun Now

Hi Knitters,
You know Little Shop of Horrors, right? I like to sing the "some fun now" song in my head every once in a while. It's a little pick me up. I snagged this little tote last weekend at a beautiful boutique close to my house called Beauty Blossoms. It was in the baby gift section but my eyes saw knitting when I looked at it. It is tiny, just big enough to hold a sock in progress.
There are nifty pockets going all around the outside to fit your cell phone, keys, yarn needle tube, tape measure and your slip-n- snip scissors. Just perfect if you ask me. See, I'm making a little progress on that Vesper sock.
I don't know anything about this brand, The Piggy Story, other than it is cute, cute, cute and they have a sweet website.
Here is my other some fun now. I have been going needle felting crazy for the past week on some book projects. Oh my goodness do I love it. You just have to try this technique if you haven't done so yet. I am going hog wild with this gloriously dyed roving purchased here. The color selection is a smorgasbord of roving delight. There is a color available for any project you have in mind.
The right tools for needle felting are essential. I use the single needles from Fiber Trends for extra-fine detail work. The Clover felting needle tool with multiple needles for covering larger areas. Finally, the Clover felting mat brush is awesome for felting the roving into a piece of felt to be cut out into shapes and then applied to your work.

I did stick my finger one time when I was talking to my son and wasn't looking. That really smarts, don't do it. Those tiny needles are so sharp they can pierce your skin instantly.
Other than the pierced finger, I love my job.
best, susie