Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Good Book and Mish-Mash

Hi Knitters,
Let's start with a good book. Now, I have to admit that I am not a knitalong knitter. I am more of a knitalone knitter. I love being around knitters but somehow I have never been involved in group knitting much at all. Knitalong, by Larissa and Martin John Brown, is a book focused on the phenomenon of group knitting, the history and the current internet explosion which makes group knitting even easier.

The knitalong topic is not what interests me in the book. I bought the book for the super-cool projects. In fact, I haven't even read much of the text in the book. However, I have tagged 11 fantastic projects that I would love to knit. That's a lot for one book. If you are interested in reading about knitalongs and their history, this is the book for you. If you are interested in amazing, fun, challenging and original projects, this is the book for you. If you are interested in both of these topics, well, here you go, you've struck it rich. The photography for the most part is by Michael Crouse unless otherwise noted. It is creative and interesting and well done.

The thing I did do is to listen to a great interview of the authors on the podcast, Craftsanity. The interview is a wonderful listen and the authors' enthusiasm and love for their book is true and clear. They are completely endearing.
One project I want to knit is the Victorian Baby Bonnet. It is knitted out of Tahki Cotton Classic, 1 hank is all that is needed. It is a gorgeous little project. Doesn't that make you want to dive in?
The Felted Peace Crane has to be done. What a good stash buster.
The Meathead Hat is one project I had heard of before the book. The creativity knitters have shown with this simple hat is a drawing point for sure. I have to make a few of these at some point.
I have such a thing for pincushions, love them. This is the Recycled Sweater Pincushion. I need to make a few of these. I already have the sweaters felted.
Last but not least, the Barn-Raising Quilt is next in line for me after the granny square quilt is completed. I knew I was saving all of that sock yarn for something. The crazier the yarn, the better. What a perfect project. Can't wait.

Knitalong is a collection of patterns, ideas and information. I think it is a good investment and anyone who knits will get something valuable out it. I know I have.
Now for some mish. The Quadrilla marble set has come out again in force. Some new pieces and an extender set have been added to our basic set. You know, every grandma may want to get a Quadrilla set. I can't think of a better, more special toy set to have when kids are around. It can occupy kids in a healthy way for hours.
The Collector is at it again, actually she has never stopped. This is on our front step right now. Today we are starting to build a fairy house in our backyard so she has been collecting with that in mind. Hopefully the rain will hold off.
Now don't laugh.
Granny square update: 81
Last update: 78
I haven't had much time to work on my squares. When I get to 90 I will be half-way. That's not far off.

Here are some things I am thinking about:
Podcast Love
The Best New Bags Ever (I've already ordered, will share more when I get them. Yes, I said them.)

Now for some mash. Yesterday I was on Ravelry and an advertisement for a knitting site popped up on the sidebar. I clicked on it and much to my dismay I landed on a site selling a couple of kits and patterns that are clearly my designs. Ugh. This kind of stuff is definitely the mash part of mish-mash.

Mish-mash on, Knitters.
best, susie