Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Better Model, Same Hat

Hi Knitters,
The Collector helped me out with some quick modeling this morning before school. Here is the information for the hat and yarn I used.
Isn't it the coolest ever? I wore it all day yesterday, it snowed all day, too, and I got several compliments from various checkers. One woman at Pottery Barn would not let up on the questions. I basically had to spill the entire story to her. It was sweet. She kept calling the hat "gold," which kind of bothered me because it is clearly pumpkin. And when I wear it, it is a pumpkin shake. Actually, it made me feel better in the mall (where I am a fish out of water) to wear a handknit hat. Why? Don't know.
I told my daughter that you are supposed to wear it slouchy and maybe a little to the side. I told her she was a hipster. She laughed at that. I may have to fight her for it.

Hey, I did an interview and there is a fun review if you are at all inclined. There are some interesting interviews of other knitter's on Hannah's blog as well. More on Hannah later, she is extra-sweet and talented.

I am off and running, been up since 3am working on that manuscript and now I have to go out to FedEx to send off my completed project and pattern to a yarn company and then off for some Christmas shopping. I'm trying, I'm trying....

best, susie