Monday, January 26, 2009

Chicken Pattern Giveaway!!

Hi Knitters,
When I opened my mail today I got a sweet surprise. Sylvia at Blue Sky Alpacas sent me a little stack of the Knit Chickens pattern. I posted about the chickens, if you are interested, here. I was thinking this past month has been so much fun on the blog and ravelry and I am feeling the love!

Now I want to give some love back to you. I have 3 Knit Chicken patterns to give away! Leave me a comment to enter the contest. That means if you are an email subscriber, hop on over to my blog and leave a comment on the blog. Say hi, tell me about your chicken love, whatever you'd like, leave your name or something distinguishing on your comment.  
I am going to pick a winner pretty quick so enter quick! You can be from anywhere, I'll send it to you. I will pick 3 winners with a random number generator. I will post the winners on my next blog entry, who knows when but soon. 

Then those lucky chickens will need to email me (on my sidebar) to give me their mailing address. If you win, you will have 2 days after I post to email me. If 2 days pass and I haven't heard from you, I will then pick another winner.

Good luck, chicken lovers!  And we're off!
I made up these Sweet Pea Hats for another set of twins that needed a gift last week. It seems twins are everywhere these days. I guess it's the new trend: )
This is the third set of twins I have knitted Sweet Peas for since last fall. I have made 2 sets of sweet peas for boy/girl twins and one set of sweet peas of boy/boy twins over the last few months. 
These are teeny tiny hats. I can hold both of the hats on one hand. This set of twins was born 6 weeks early so teeny tiny is just right. I hope they do well, go home soon and that the hats will bring the parents a little joy during this difficult time.

On Ravelry some people have finished Sweetheart Hats and some have finished Sweetheart Washcloths. Take a look if you'd like.

Here are some patterns I am thinking about and you might like, too: 

Have a good Monday, Knitters. One last note, if you click on the little arrows in the new Twitter box you can see previous entries if you are interested. Thanks to those who are following me on twitter. I am still trying to figure the whole thing out, it's pretty fun.
best, susie