Monday, February 15, 2010

Quick Share

Hi Knitters,
I have a quick share for you this morning. Peachy has finally knitted up enough squares for a baby blanket. Since her squares are all different sizes she relinquished the stitching together duty to me. She has been going to a knitting club at the church across the street from our house with our neighbors. The group does tons of charity knitting on an ongoing basis. They donate to all kinds of charity groups. We don't go to the church so it is nice that they welcome my girls so readily. The group meets once a month and they serve hot chocolate and cookies. I think there is a lot of eating and hot chocolate drinking involved, maybe more so than knitting but that's what is so fun.
Anyway, Peachy has been collecting her squares in a box in her room and she finally pulled them all out. We put them all out on the table and I think those are the sweetest squares I have ever seen. Can't you just see all of the hard work that went into those squares?

I'll show you the finished blankie when I get it stitched together.
This past weekend was a full one. My son had the high school sectional swim meet on Saturday. He is so fun to watch. Can you pick out my son on the podium? Look closely, I bet you can find an identifying something....

The only reason I am showing you this photo is because I thought you all would appreciate how much I love to see my son wear his Surefire Hat (ravelry link, purchase the pattern). He NEVER takes it off! I am not kidding. Now do you see him? The reason the podium is so crowded is because this award was for the medley relay. The woman in blue would not get out of the way... grrrrr. Down in front!

Then right after the meet this same son invited the team over to our house for a couple of hours. Which is great. There were about 15 swimmers over eating, drinking and goofing around. They are a good bunch.

This same son went to the mid-winter dance that night and, of course, invited the group of 14 kids and their parents over to our house to take pre-dance photos. I don't even know how many people were there. It was a wonderful group of kids and parents. My son's date's mother told my son it was the first time she had seen him without his hat. See? Then when they were leaving for dinner my son threw on his Surefire Hat and went out the door in his tie and dress pants. So funny.

After everyone left, my husband looked at me with glazed eyes and said, "I am burned out." I seconded that motion.

Just to fill you in on my week ahead, on Friday we are hosting the swim team for a potato/pasta dinner. On Saturday it is the state swim meet and then there is an after-state dinner at a Chinese restaurant. On Sunday we are hosting the Team/Family potluck at our house. The team has 33 swimmers and each swimmer will have multiple people attending this event. How many do we think we can squeeze into our little house? We'll find out this weekend!!

One more thing, my book manuscript is due on Monday, February 22nd. That's right. That's what I said. Why, oh why?

Well, let's see how I hold up this week. Say a little prayer for me. Okay, lunch packing duty is calling my name. Have a good Monday everyone.
best, susie