Saturday, December 27, 2008

See What You Think

Hi Knitters,
Isn't she pretty? I can't believe it's been 21 years since my niece was born. That was an exciting time. My mom babysat her for awhile and I was still living at home at that time. I remember never wanting to leave when she was over, we couldn't get enough of her. 

Well, I think she likes both of the hats. I showed her the magazine cover and she seemed to like the style of the hat.
Here she is in the black version. I failed to mention in the emailed version (I added it later to the blog) of my last post that I only used one strand of the Manos to work this cabled tam. I wish you could see this hat better, the black makes it get lost in the photo. It is really pretty up close.
The other niece had to give it a try.
Of course the nephew had to add his two cents. That is so funny, just look at him. What a mushroom.
After the birthday party the kids all went sledding. There's a Utopia hat, a Surefire hat and a Stripey Stocking hat in the mix. I love to see a big group of kids all wearing hats I knitted for them.
The Surefire hat is such a winner (on the left). My sons both wear their hats every single day and the hats just get better with the wear and tear. It is the perfect teenage boy hat, I swear.
My cute niece loves her Stripey Stocking hat straight out of Itty-Bitty Hats. She is almost 15 and the largest size in the book fits her just fine. You cast on 72 stitches to start, size 9 needles and Manos wool. You could even start with 80 stitches to get a 20-inch hat for an adult size head. I lined it with fleece and she says it is her favorite hat because it is the warmest.
This is another niece of mine. She and The Collector are only 2 months apart in age which is fun. It was a white out, quite foggy and misty. The sledding was extra fast.
The rosy-cheeked Collector has been having a wonderful holiday with her cousins.
My sister found these snowball-makers. They are really fun. You just put them right in the snow bank and close up the scooper and out pops the most perfectly round snowball I have ever seen.
I finished these socks this morning. These have been in the making for a looong time. It feels good to get things done. These are a Christmas gift, it's okay that they are a few days late. I will give them anyway.
I know someone will email me and ask so here is the information:
Opal #1702
Simple ribbed sock, k3, p1 pattern with a heel flap, top down
Cast on 64 stitches, size 2 dpns

The hat giving was fun and I think they were a hit. I'd like to make another one of the second version for myself. I'll have to dig around and see what I've got for yarn. One thing I continue to realize is that I am still completely obsessed with knitting hats. I simply love to knit hats and I can never have enough to choose from. It is the perfect project in my eyes.
Have a good weekend, Knitters. Hopefully you will all sneak a chance to relax and knit for a bit.
best, susie