Sunday, January 27, 2008

Do You Crochet? Elefante Ear Demo

Hi Knitters,
I have been surprised about the number of knitters I have talked to or read about on ravelry who don't want to crochet at all, not even a simple edging or an ear, in elefante's case. A lot of people are substituting the crochet ears for knitted ears. I really didn't know that people felt this way about simple crochet that is added on a knitted item. Then I was reading Wendy's blog about adding a crochet edge on a baby blanket. She stated the same thing I had been reading and hearing about. People groan about a crochet edging. Wendy knew people would complain but she went with the crochet edging anyway. It is a really cute, beautiful blanket she designed for the preemie project.

Let me know what you think of this topic. I would love to hear about it and it would help me when designing projects.

Anyway, with this in mind and a few requests from elefante knitters, I decided to make a video tutorial of how to crochet a circle. The ear for the elephant is a crochet circle folded in half and then slip stitched together with a contrasting color. I also used crochet circles in itty-bitty hats and itty bitty nursery. I used crochet circles for the tops and bottoms of the cupcakes and ears for the elephant pacifier clip. The cherries for the hat and scarf on the cupcake set are crocheted in a similar way.

I encourage you to try this simple crochet technique. It really is easy and you can whip up these circles in no time at all.

Hope you all had a good and peaceful weekend.
best, susie