Thursday, February 04, 2010

Towels to Bags & a little door prize

Hi Knitters,
At Christmas time I stopped into Williams-Sonoma to pick up a few gifts. I saw and bought a couple sets of kitchen towels to have on hand if I needed an extra gift or two. I wasn't sure if I would end up gifting or keeping the towels. I ended up not needing the towels for gifts and then kind of forgot all about it. Recently, I ran across these towel sets and decided to whip them up into tote bags instead of using them in the kitchen.
The first bag is made from two kitchen towels, one for the outside and one for the lining. I used some green fabric from here for the pockets and straps. I also included a magnetic snap in the inside to keep the bag closed.
Every part of the bag has interfacing so it has a nice sturdy feel to it. I love the way the border of the towels worked out as an edging for the opening of the bag. Slick and easy!
For the second bag I used some linen-y towels adorned with chickens. I used a beautiful red fabric from here for the edging and the pockets.
For the straps and bag lining I used a natural cotton. I love the colors together. Boy, do I love to sew, especially when I don't have to use a pattern. I like the making things up part of that.

There's a quick show and tell for you today!

One more opportunity I don't want you to miss out on is that there is a new Ravelry group called, Friends of Spud & Chloë. If you join the group before Feb. 12th you are eligible to win a fabulous door prize from Spud & Chloë! You won't want to pass this up, the door prize is really good and plentiful. To join you just follow the link below and then click on the "join now" button toward the top of the screen. The winner will be selected and announced on Feb. 15th by the group moderator, Pixie Purls of Petite Purls.

Good luck on winning the door prize if you decide to join our new group on Ravelry.
Have a good Thursday, Knitters!
best, susie