Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Book, New Classes!

Hi, Knitters,
Last week was quite exciting as I held the my new book in my hands for the first time. A preview copy of Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out arrived from my publisher, Artisan Books. It's always such a thrill to hold your proper physical book for the first time after years of hard work. I am very pleased with how everything turned out, quite proud really. Yes, that is a pull-tab on the top of the cover. The book is full of surprises. Much more on all of this later.... 

For the moment I want to focus on the turtle sitting on the cover. The turtle is one of my reversible toys and it does turn into an egg or vice versa. The pattern for the Egg to Turtle toy is not in the book. This pattern is a BONUS pattern, a separate promotional free pattern that I get to share with people attending  my classes and events in the months to come. I am really excited about being able to share something in addition to the book at my upcoming signings, meet and greets and classes.

So here's how the bonus pattern Egg to Turtle toy works: 


I know the belly shot is not all that flattering for the turtle, my apologies dear turtle, but I want to show you the opening on the underside where you turn the egg inside out to get the turtle. For size it rests in the palm of your hand. The entire turtle is knit in one piece - no seaming involved! The only seam is a simple whipstitch to attach the egg to the turtle around that tiny opening. It's super easy. 

Anyway, my publisher is making slick pattern cards for me to share with you. I have made a couple more Egg to Turtle toys, one in gray, white and blue and another in pink, purple and blush just for fun. I'll post more photos later. It's plain old adorable. 

I hope to see any of you who can make it out to see me at a few places I am visiting across the country, really from side to side.

Here is the run-down on a couple venues where I'll be in the very near future (more dates and information coming soon):

March 9th - Madison Knitters Guild Knit-In! I am teaching a Top-Down Baby Cardigan class filled with options (hood, fronts, sleeves, body shapes) and instruction on how to design your own cardigan. This class includes baby cardigan patterns with loads of options (newborn to 2 years in size), a tiny ornament-size sweater, and a doll or bear sized cardigan. Lots of options, lots of fun!


The other class I am teaching at the Madison Knit In is the String-a-Long Toy class. This class packs in tons of toy-making techniques, and patterns for seamless frogs, mice or monkeys, plus a bonus pattern. These toys are knit entirely in one piece - no seaming involved - from the bottom up!


The Madison Knit In has a sign-up open to members first and then the classes are open to the public! Elsbeth Lavold is speaking and teaching, and Amy Herzog is also teaching amongst many other fine instructors. 

April 5-7th - Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle, April 5-7th! Plus a separate Seattle yarn shop event to be announced very soon!

I can't wait to head to Bellevue/Seattle coming up shortly here! I will be teaching three days of classes starting on Friday, Apr. 5th straight through Sunday, April 7th. These classes include String-a-Long Toys class above but also some new classes I'm working on. 

One of the new classes is my Fair Isle Hat Class. We are going to learn how to knit colorwork using two colors and two hands (at the same time), Latvian Braids, how to work long carries of colors, reading a simple chart, and corrugated ribbing all while making a wonderful sampler hat. This class is packed full of technique, beginners are welcome, be prepared to work hard and have fun! Here are some photos of the hat patterns (you will get lots of choices to design your own version in your own selected size, baby through adult) that will be provided in the class. 

The Fair Isle Hat classes in Seattle have just had more spots added. That is so exciting!

Another new class I am teaching at VK Live in Seattle is my seamless all in one-piece Sock Bunny Class. This is another loaded toy technique class. Grab that languishing ball of sock yarn, striping or solid, or leftovers, and head to this class to create this adorable seamless sock yarn bunny. That's right, it is knit entirely in one-piece. We will be learning about after-thought arms, legs and ears, face embroidery, stuffing techniques, picking up and knitting onto your toy and more. I am currently working on a smaller version pattern to hand out in class as well for an additional option during class. I am providing the companion sock bunny hat pattern for the students, too. The bunny is one of my favorite toy designs ever and it provides such a great teaching tool.

I am also teaching a Build-a-Toy Class in Seattle that is new. I am working away on class samples and patterns and will share photos soon. In this class you will be given patterns for different body shapes, head shapes, ears, limbs and tails to create your own one-of-a-kind toy. Along the way the students will be learning all kinds of toy-making techniques and tips all while designing their own knit toys. I am having so much fun creating this class material.

I can't wait for this event! These VK Live events are like nothing else. I hope to see, teach and meet as many of you as possible. This is my first trip to Seattle so I am hoping it's a good one. 

My new book, Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out is being released April 9th, 2013. I will have the bonus pattern available at all of these events so come and see me if you get a chance.

That's enough information for today. I have so much more in the works. Over the next months I will be traveling to Maryland, Nashville, New Brunswick Canada, Ft. Collins Colorado (event at the Loopy Ewe store and the Spring Fling!), Alexandria Virginia, Columbus Ohio, Illinois, Minneapolis.... and more. I will talk about it in pieces because it is too much for one post.

The free bonus pattern Egg to Turtle will be available at all of these upcoming events! 

Please let me know if you are coming. I get so excited to teach as it is one of the best parts of my job.
best, susie