Wednesday, September 02, 2009

September Pumpkin Knitting

Hi Knitters,
The Collector is so excited and proud. She finished her first pumpkin hat. She wanted me to share it with all of you. She cast on 56 stitches and used Blue Sky Cotton on a size eight 16-inch circular needle. We followed the simple baby cap pattern in Itty-Bitty Hats combined with the lil' pumpkin hat pattern in the same book. I helped a little bit with the top and the leaf.
She has decided to donate her pumpkin treasure to the September knitting charity on the Itty-Bitty Knits group. I requested the address and am sending it off later this week. This is the description of the charity group:

Avis Goodwin Community Health Centers, a non-profit located in Dover and Rochester, New Hampshire. They currently serve 8,000 individuals in comprehensive health care (prenatal, dental, cancer screenings, etc.), the majority of whom are low income.
A description of the specific project our donations will be going to, from the volunteer manager:
Welcome to the World Program: Each baby born through our agency receives a goody bag to welcome them into the world. The bag usually has at least one handcrafted item in it, such as a quilt/afghan, infant sized sweater, hat, booties and in the colder months, thumbless mittens. We deliver between 350 and 425 babies a year. The new moms are so touched that members of the community have made something special for their child to welcome him/her into the world. Most of the moms are low-income, uninsured and some face really tough times, this being one of the few nice new things their infant gets.

Now, the Collector is working on a hot pink bunny hat she wants to donate to this group as well. Maybe some of you will want to join in, too. Everyone is welcome.
Happy Wednesday, Knitters.
best, susie