Thursday, September 12, 2013

Win a Copy of the Unnofficial Harry Potter Knits 2013!

(photo by Interweave/F+W Media)

Edited to Add: Wendy Bernard of Knit and Tonic has reviewed and is hosting a giveaway for Topsy-Turvy Inside Knit Toys! I am such a fan of her writing and I had that doll she is talking about. Please hop over and give her some love. Click here to go to the Knit and Tonic review and giveaway!

Hi, Knitters,
First, thank you for the support over on the My Mountain page. I made the semi-finals for a hat design and voting for the winner is currently going on. The My Mountain company wants and encourages us to keep spreading the word to get people over to the page to vote for the favorites. 

Now you are able to vote once per day. Please check it out (and daily if possible) and share with your knitting friends! 

Okay, on to other news today. I recently purchased a copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter 2013 Interweave Knits magazine through the Interweave Store (click here!) for $14.99. I love the Interweave Knits special issues. They are fun and clever and they kind of make you feel good. I purchased my own copy mainly for the cover cardigan called, Ginny's Cardigan.  Anyway, right after I purchased my copy I was contacted by Interweave/F+W Media to host a giveaway for 5 copies of the magazine. It was perfect timing and I genuinely love the issue. So here it goes.....

(photo by Interweave/F+W Media)

Ginny's Cardigan (above) has a lace panel running down the back that looks like stacked owls, which I love, and then the rest of the cardi is in stockinette stitch. I have the yarn picked out and can't wait to dig into this fun design. I like this one and many other designs in this issue because they aren't all costume-y looking but rather inspired by Harry Potter. There are a couple of more costume-like designs thrown in just for fun.

Click here to see all of the Unofficial Harry Potter projects in this issue! There are 32 designs.

The following are a few more of my favorites from the issue and projects that will be going on my needles soon.

(photo by Interweave/F+W Media)

(photo by Interweave/F+W Media)

(photo by Interweave/F+W Media)

Mudblood Cardigan! (I have red worsted weight all set for this one!)

(photo by Interweave/F+W Media)

There are sweaters for men and women, scarves, hats, shawls, mitts, vests, wraps, socks, mittens, gauntlets, a cape and more in the issue. Click here to purchase the issue or click here to look at all 32 projects.

I am so excited to offer 5 of you the chance to win a copy of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits 2013 magazine! Thank you to Interweave for the generous prize offering today! 

Please note that the winners must have a U.S. mailing address!

Please leave one comment on this blog post to enter to win. Please leave your Ravelry ID or an email address for me to get in contact with you if you win. Please be patient for your comment to appear on the blog and don't keep entering the same comment. I have to approve the comments due to spam so sometimes it takes awhile for your comment to appear.

If you feel like it please tell me your favorite Harry Potter book or your favorite project in the magazine. It's not necessary but I'd love to hear your Harry Potter thoughts.

I think you will love this magazine if you are a Harry Potter fan or not. There are loads of great projects for everyone.

Good luck and let the comments begin!
best, susie