Monday, October 04, 2010

Hello Bunny

Hi Knitters,
I have some home photos of the new mini-collection I made for Knit Simple last spring and early summer. I happen to love seeing designers' home photos of projects because often they are shot from all angles and can also give you an idea about the size of a project. Here you can see that this little friend can sit in the palms of your hands.

With that being, I'd like to share some home photos and the basic information about my newest bunny design.
Pattern: Knit Simple Holiday 2010 (hitting the stands on Oct. 5, 2010)
Yarn: Spud & Chloƫ Sweater in Toast, Watermelon and Ice Cream (only tiny bits of Watermelon and Ice Cream are needed and 1 skein of Toast)

The project is worked in the round on double-pointed needles. The only sewing together is to attach the head, ears and feet to the body using some basic whipstitch. This is a simple and quick toy to whip up in no time at all.
Ravelry project page link for Bunny is here.
Knit Simple Holiday 2010 Ravelry link is here.

In the background you can see that TC brought down some woodland wall stickers on a large sheet to help inspire me as I made the toys for Knit Simple. I love that.
The bunny is sitting on my partially finished Tea Leaves Cardigan from last spring. It is fun to look back at that. It's strange how long ago the making of that sweater seems.
I love the curve of the ears and how the ears are kind of folded back. It is sweet.
This is a helpful angle so you can see how I positioned the legs.
The tail is always the finishing touch when making a toy, especially a bunny's tail.
Have a good Monday everyone!
best, susie