Thursday, May 15, 2008

I Knit Here...and here...and there

Hi Knitters,
I had a comment the other day where I was asked, along with everyone else who reads this, where I knit. Where do you knit? I really would love to know.

When I am at home and I need to be surrounded by all of my knitting stuff or I am concentrating on pattern writing, I knit in my studio. Don't think it is glamorous in my studio because it is nothing of the sort. It is a small room at the front of my house and honestly it is a disaster right now, serious disaster. I still love it because even amongst the clutteriest clutter imaginable I have done a lot of creating, writing, conjuring, contemplating, attempting and mostly knitting. I feel good in that room and somehow things seem to happen in there.

I have this big, comfy chair and I stick my cable needles, yarn needles and stitch markers right in the arm of the chair. I love that, so close and handy. Also, I stick my scissors and ruler in the crevice of the seat cushion. It's okay, that's my knitting chair. The little basket hanging by the window holds my stitch holders. I get good light from the window and my Ott light is always there for extra lighting if need be.

Right in front of my chair is this fun foot rest that never rests my feet but it sure holds my stuff well. I just took this picture without moving a thing. That is one busy foot rest, not very restful at all really. I love it in the studio, a tiny spot to call my own, to create and work. Now if only I could clean it out but I think there is something to the chaos in there that spurs me on somehow. Is that weird?

I knit mostly in my studio at home but really I knit all over the place.

This morning I sat in the living room and listened to my little sweetheart read chapter after chapter of this fantastic book while I knitted away the minutes. This knitting project is for the holiday issue of this magazine. I am pretty excited about it. The project is almost completed and then I just have to sit and type in the pattern. I am hoping to mail it off tomorrow.

Other times I sit in the family room and watch a movie and knit with the kids. Everyday I knit in the car when I am waiting for or picking up the kids from school and their activities or in waiting rooms for various appointments. I really have no shame when it comes to dragging my knitting around. I am respectful about not knitting if I think it will be distracting to others, though. Also, I won't pull it out if I don't feel like talking about what I am working on because inevitably someone will ask and that's okay. Outdoor knitting is always fun, too.

If you feel up to it, please share your favorite knitting spot, I'd love to know.

This morning I saw my daughter's feet and I had to take a shot. These little legs are getting ready for a day of sunshine and learning and some good old-fashioned fun. This girl has a good time. (The other night in the tub she had to scrub her knees really hard to get the dirt off.) This morning she told me she is going to write a story about a purple paper clip. That's too good. Don't you remember when the world was your oyster like that? I do.

A little leftover rose from Mother's Day is fading fast, still hanging on to its beauty.

Look what I snagged (and this) early, early this morning. Happy day.

Back to work for me. Now where am I going to knit today....

best, susie