Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bunny Knitting Season

(photo by Liz Banfield)
Hi Knitters,
I've been known to knit a bunny or two in my day. I thought I would pull together a bunny laden post to celebrate the coming of spring this year. I'm not sure why I have the knit bunny love but I am sure that I will knit many more in the future.

Above is the Chubby Bunny from Itty-Bitty Nursery. This was the first toy I ever designed and I have been smitten with toy knitting ever since. (photo by Liz Banfield)
Yarn ~ Rowan Handknit Cotton
Here is a Bunny Tail made by a young and new knitter friend of ours, Miss Molly. This one is made in Blue Sky Worsted Cotton and it is beautiful.
Rabbit ~ free pattern on Spud & Chloë's Spud says! (my other blog)
The surprise inside? A tennis ball.
Pattern feature: These two toys are made entirely out of garter stitch squares. It's the perfect beginner project.
Oh, Bunny! Washcloth ~ available in my online pattern shop and my Ravelry pattern shop
Bunny Hat and Blankie ~ Spud & Chloë printed pattern line, available in local yarn shops and online yarn shops. Check here for the pattern.
Yarn ~ Spud & Chloë Outer
This entire set is crochet and can literally be whipped up in a day or two. I had so much fun making this in the super bulky machine washable Outer and with a big crochet hook. It is simple and fast. It's a winner for any baby shower or baby gift, I guarantee it.
The tail is optional but always a cute touch.
At the same time I made the bunny hat and blankie I was working on the Woodland Bunny for the Holiday Issue of Knit Simple 2010.
Woodland Bunny ~ pattern in Knit Simple 2010 (#39 bunny in the magazine)
Yarn ~ Spud & Chloë SweaterThis is one of the sweetest bunnies I have ever made.
He sits so quietly in your hands, too. What a good bunny.
I made this awesome tall bunny for Blue Sky Alpacas printed pattern line a little while ago. I just love this long legged bunny in a carrot sweater. The yarn (handspun cotton) is no longer available but Blue Sky Skinny Cotton would be a great substitute.

Hop ~ pattern in Blue Sky Alpacas printed pattern line sold in local yarn shops and online yarn shops. Click here to purchase and see the pattern.

Pattern feature ~ Hop is worked in one piece from the tip of the paws all the way to the tips of the ears. If you don't like seaming this one is for you.
Hop is a gentleman and a scholar (at least in my mind).
Bunny ~ pattern in Itty-Bitty Toys
This Bunny is the first toy I knit for Itty-Bitty Toys.
I love the Bunny's paunch. I stuffed the tummy so it is all round and chubby.
He's just as cute from the back. Pom pom bunny tails are the best.

I have two more bunny patterns, click here and here.

Each of these bunnies hold memories for me. I can remember all kinds of events going on in my life as I knit every one of them. Knitting is funny like that. Every project tells a story.

"Hoppy" bunny knitting to you all this spring.
best, susie
p.s. I have three upcoming giveaways. One on Spud says! for a fantastic Spud & Chloë at the Farm giveaway you won't want to miss, another right here on this blog for a surprise featured designer's patterns and some luxury yarns and finally, another book giveaway for some cookie goodness. Stay tuned.....