Wednesday, June 02, 2010


Hi Knitters,
On Memorial Day we went to my sister's house for a cook out/multiple birthday party/graduation celebration. There are so many kids and so many things to celebrate right about now. We don't come close to all fitting around my sister's big dining room table so the other half of us spill over to the living room area on the couches and a card table and chairs. I love the glowing light from the old golden wallpaper and chandelier in that room. The kids glow and the room glows.
Here are a couple of the high school graduates, my son and his girlfriend.
We paid special attention to my nephew who turned 7 years old this weekend. He got to blow out the candles on the cake and have his name in the song. The other birthdays we celebrated were my nieces who turned 11, 16 and 20 years old. They didn't mind not having the song directed toward them.

My 16-year-old niece plays the happy birthday song on their grand piano to accompany our singing every time there is a birthday party. She plays at my house, too, when we celebrate here. I guess she is the designated birthday song piano player. My sister likes to launch into dramatic harmony for the birthday song which always makes me laugh. Too good.

My other nephew shouts, "Tell the truth!" after every "How old are you?" in the song. I love that.
We brought over a big bucket of water balloons to throw around. We also brought over extra balloons so when those ran out more could be made. The gang stood at the top of the terrace and launched the water balloons down to the lake front area where the younger kids were bouncing on the trampoline. It was pretty funny. They would count 1, 2, 3! Then throw all together. Lots of screaming followed every time.

The sun was going down.
My sister has a green thumb just like my mom. Her rosebushes are enormous masterpieces. She gave me her flower and garden tour which I love to do every summer. She grows tomatoes, peppers and onions and other veggies. The lakeside sun is perfect for this. She is a master entertainer/host/gardener. When you get to her house you never want to leave because she makes you feel so good. My sister is just like my mom, all comfortable and welcoming. Our family never has a formal affair, it is always casual fun at its best with family and friends everywhere you turn. The more the merrier is our motto.
Here you can see the lower tier of the terrace by the lake. I am looking down from the top where the water balloons were thrown from. A lot of time was spent out at the end of the pier where there are these great chairs that tip back so you can put your feet up. If I lived there I would sit and knit in one of these chairs and do some lake watching at the same time.
The rose-beast in bloom...
Of course, the main water balloon culprit was my 16-year-old son. He couldn't wait to get over to my sister's house. He loves it there. He kept asking what time we were heading over. He is the life of the party. The little kids always love him because he is so playful.
TC enjoying the water balloons and hose shower on the trampoline. She is in heaven.
It was a glowing, gorgeous night.
I love this little family.
best, susie