Wednesday, January 18, 2017

New Mittens, New Yarn, New Podcast, New Restaurant

Hi, Knitters, 
When I get back from a teaching weekend it usually takes me a few days to get back to my regular speed around home. I need a bit of a recovery time. Last weekend I taught at Vogue Knitting Live NYC and honestly, this is just one of the best events out there. If you ever have the chance to go to VKLive NYC just do it. The energy is amazing. My classes were wonderful, filled with happy, fun students who were game to try new things. I really had the best time with my students. I have such love and respect for them and I am really grateful that my classes fill and that I get to teach. I truly love it. So thank you, dear students, and thank you, Vogue Knitting Live for inviting me. 

I won't be going to the Las Vegas Vogue Knitting Live due to already having two other teaching weekends planned for March 2017. It would be too much to add a third. But I'll be back, hopefully, next fall (I don't know where they are going yet) and winter (NYC!) for wherever Vogue takes me and I hope to see you all there! 

Now for those top-notch mittens you see in the first photo. Those are my brand new pattern, Waiting for Winter Bulky Mittens. The original Waiting for Winter Mittens are written for worsted weight yarn and I wanted to add a bulky weight version to the series. To start the Bulky pattern has three sizes, small, medium and large, to fit a large child, through adult large. 

I will be adding sizes, bigger and smaller, as pattern updates for this new Bulky weight pattern as I have done for the original pattern! 

The other exciting thing is that over at Barrett Wool Co. we are introducing a new local yarn line called, Wisconsin Woolen Spun! We launched the Waiting for Winter Bulky Twist Mitten Kits last night and we sold out in less than an hour. We are restocking as fast as possible. I will contact the mill today to see how quickly we can get more of the Bulky Twist yarn and I will keep you posted. 

Our kits (and yarn) have been selling out so quickly. We are amazed. We are working on more kits all of the time and as soon as our yarn gets restocked we will bring back all of the kits we have already done and we will have new kits available as well.

The best way to get notified immediately when things become available is to subscribe to our newsletter. That is always the first notification when kits and yarn are listed. The subscription box to enter your email is always at the bottom of every page on the website.

Click here for Barrett Wool Co.! Please subscribe and join me over there, we are having so much fun.

The second best way to be notified about new product listings is on Instagram. 

Join me on both if you like. I'd love to see you over there. 

The new Wisconsin Wool Spun Yarns are just simply beautiful and rich and earthy. I just love this yarn. We are offering both fingering weight and worsted weight at this time. We will be adding to this line with more colors and weights. Right now we have 50 gram skeins available for purchase but and in addition to the neutrals above, we have some beautiful colors as well. 

Here is a little description of our new Wisconsin Woolen Spun Yarns for you:
Our Barrett Wool Co. Wisconsin Woolen Spun Yarns are about as close to homespun as we can get. The Merino and Corriedale wool is gathered from Midwestern farms right here in the United States. The carefully curated wool is then spun and dyed at a near to us Wisconsin mill. The yarn is spun using the woolen process. Our BWC Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarns are two-ply in both the fingering and worsted weight and are available in 50 gram skeins. 
Woolen spun yarn is known to be light as air, durable, warm and lofty. This yarn delivers on every account. After the washing and blocking of the finished item, the fibers bloom and the fabric becomes very soft. The yarn is that perfect combination of rustic and beautiful and can be used for any colorwork or lace project, sweaters, toys, shawls, hats, mittens and even socks. 
Our small batch of Wisconsin Woolen Spun yarns are charming, sweet, fun to knit, and they leave you wanting more when your project is completed.

Enjoy having a little part of Wisconsin in your knitting! 

In the photo above from left to right the colors are; Birch, Rain Shower, Quaker Gray, Stone, and Coal. All of the Wisconsin Woolen Spun is available for purchase in the Mercantile section of our website.

Another fun thing to note is that Evan and I were interviewed for the Fruity Knitting Podcast. Do you know this one? It is fantastic! The hosts are a married couple from Australia living in Germany (I hope this is correct) and they are wonderful. Andrea is a phenomenal knitter and she shares her knitting and does tutorials that are clear and helpful. They both knit and really, I highly recommend this podcast. I was a subscriber long before I was asked to be on the show. You will really enjoy this one.

The exciting part is that Andrea wanted to interview Evan, my son and business partner for Barrett Wool Co. Evan did a great job on his first online interview. Our part of the episode starts at about 41 minutes into the show. 

Lastly, I have to share one more fun thing. We went to dinner at a great restaurant in NYC called Ma Peche (that's My Peach in English, I hope). My baker son is a big fan of Christina Tosi and Momofuku. I think he has every book of theirs. He gave Evan and Miss Molly a restaurant gift certificate to use while we were in NYC this past weekend. The food was delicious and different and we ate way too much. And yes, if I didn't mention it earlier, Evan and Molly joined me in New York.

The best part is that right when you walk into the restaurant there is a Milk Bar which is the creation of Christina Tosi. It is all fun desserts. I had the Sweet Potato and Cereal Milk Twist with cereal crunch on top. It was tiny and so yummy. Perfect.

Phew! It has been a busy week. I am sending off my next design for the Making Magazine Issue 3 today. I finished the pattern writing yesterday. That was strenuous. I have another design and pattern due at the end of the week for another magazine contribution which I am so excited about. It is something different and I'll tell you about that soon.

Okay, dear friends, I'll be back soon with more. Thank you for the support and love! I'm sending it right back to you.
xo ~ susan