Monday, October 29, 2007

4 Days, 4 Kids, 4 Pumpkins

Hi Knitters,
My kids were off of school last Thursday and Friday which meant we had a long weekend together. My husband was out of town on business for a couple of those days. There was not much time for blogging, knitting or anything else concerning work for me these last few days.

We finally picked up some pumpkins at the market and carved them last evening. You know even though I miss having a baby or real little one around some things get a whole lot easier when everyone is a bit older. Pumpkin carving is definitely one of those things. The kids basically do the entire project on their own except my husband cut the lids out for the girls. The boys are completely on their own. We even got a grim reaper and a witch's brew scene this year. The pumpkin thing never gets old with me.
Yup, you guessed it, the one with the large knife is the grim reaper creator. Just look at that joy from the girls. So simple yet so fun!
We always collect the seeds in a big bowl and then bake them up with lots of extra salt. Pumpkin seeds are the best right out of the oven, still warm, after that they lose their appeal to me.
Those safe pumpkin carving tools are a great invention. It gives the kids so much freedom in their carving and relieves worry for parents. That is a good thing all around.
I did squeak in the start of my second yarntini pumpkin spice sock. I am telling you this start up is a bear but so well worth it. You have to plan a bit of time to cast on 187 stitches and then the first row requires a lot of counting stitches as you go. I love these socks and the pattern is so easy to memorize once you get going. Out of the 12 row repeat only 3 rows require an ssk, k2tog and a few yo's, and those 3 rows are all the same. The other rows in the 12 are knit or purl. It is super easy and quick. If you are looking for something a little different but yet easy this pattern is for you!
One more quick note, I picked up this Offhand Designs bag at Lakeside Fibers last weekend and boy do I love it! It is sturdy and soft and colorful. The top snaps open and stays that way and there are great pockets inside and out. The feet on the bottom of the bag are wonderful for keeping it clean because I am forever tossing my bags on the floor. The colorway I chose is very fall and winter, but they had more than several other designs at Lakeside if you are looking for something like this for you or as a gift.
Oh and check out this pattern. I am printing this one out right now! I will be making these next with more of my yarntini stash. Those stripes are wonderful.
Have a good Monday, knitters.
best, susie