Friday, August 01, 2008


Hi Knitters,
Granny update: 90
Last update: 84
I am officially halfway to being done with my granny square afghan. That feels pretty good. I whipped out 6 squares at a swim meet yesterday. That's why there are so many solid squares, all that cutting and working in ends while sitting on bleachers is never easy.
I don't know when I will ever finish but I am determined that I will at some point. If you are just catching on to this project I used the tutorial from here and this yarn. I am working on a size H hook. Still love it and think it is fun.

My friend Betz sent me this wonderful link from the same site, it's too cute for words.
I got this fantastic new rug for my studio. The floor in here is kind of funny. When I started using the tiny office at the front of the house as my studio many years ago it had this awful carpet on the floor. I ripped out the carpet and pulled out all of the staples and tacking boards, which was not fun. We had no extra money for new flooring at that time so I had to be creative. I went and got some paint that is normally used for garage floors, it is extra thick. I bought it in black. I went to town painting the sub-floor. It looked pretty cool, seams and all. Next I took some large swirl stamps in different sizes and I stamped a few colorful swirls around the room.

I grew to like this floor and have never changed it. The black has become worn off in the high traffic areas which makes me like it even more. When I saw this rug I just thought it would go so well under my footstool/work holder and it really works. It only covers a small section of the floor so the black is still visible.
I have a few more quick things to share with you. I know my feet are looking pretty banged up here (ouch) but I want to tell you about these new flip flops I just bought. If your feet hurt at all or you just need some cushy comfort, run and get a pair of these. My sister and I both have trouble with our heels and she clued me in on these. You actually bake them in the oven for a few minutes to warm them up and then you stand on them with your full weight for 2 minutes. They actually mold to your feet. I love them so much that I immediately slide them on when I crawl out of bed in the morning on the way to get my coffee. They feel that good.

Okay, Tracey has some great projects I want to share with you here and here (the ponytail holders, not the fish). I love the shells she added and the scarf is fantastic. Her blog is one to watch for beautiful scenic photos and project ideas because she travels and knits a ton. She does beautiful work all of the time plus she does a ton of charity knitting for babies.

We are in the midst of a three day all-city swim meet so I've run out of time.
Take care, Knitters.
best, susie