Saturday, October 28, 2006


Hi Knitters!

The wisdom teeth extraction went fine. It is difficult to see one of your children go through pain to say the least. Today is a better day for him and all seems fine.

I am on the last sleeve of my Kureyon skinny ribbed sweater. It is delicious. I was knitting in the waiting room yesterday and the receptionist called me over to look at this sweater. All of a sudden there were 5 office people gathered around admiring the colors. They were so interested, I told them they definitely needed to start knitting! They all laughed.

Sometimes when you knit in public you can attract a lot of attention, like it or not. I usually sit in a corner or out of the way seat in waiting rooms, so I don't gather attention while I knit. I also knit low in my lap so people don't notice as much. Anyway, the knitting was a good distraction to have to ease my worry in this case. I knit in public all of the time, almost every day, but sometimes I don't feel like talking about it or answering lots of questions. Other times it is fine. It just depends on the day and the situation. I am always cordial no matter what because I like to promote knitting as much as possible when people approach me. I think public knitting can spark an interest in non-knitters.

I promise pictures of the sweater as soon as I finish.

best, susie