Thursday, April 24, 2008

Sweet Pea's A-Coming

Hi Knitters,

I can't believe it's already Thursday. What is going on with the time flying by? I know I have been promising for about a month that I am going to make the Sweet Pea hat pattern available on my blog. I have actually pinned my son down for this weekend to make that happen. He does all of the configuring and pdf stuff for me. He has promised to help me so I will hold him to it. This pattern was available on my online shop that closed recently so now I am bringing it here. The other patterns that were on there I hope to make available soon as well. I am trying my hardest is all I can say. These things take time which, like I said, is flying by...

Nothing's better than a good sweet pea. If you are interested in this pattern be sure to check back.

The It's a Purl, Man live podcast I co-hosted with Guido Stein is now available for download or you can just listen right from his site. The link for that show is here. I think it turned out great. The topic is baby knitting which is always a happy, fun topic. Make sure to check out Guido's other shows, they are always a good listen.

Time for some odds and ends. These are the cutest booties ever, I have to purchase this pattern (or one of them) and give them a try. I love that the sock is knitted right in for a sweet layered look. Seriously, you have to look at this knitted baby gift, it is about the cutest pairing I have ever seen. Annie's Market is seriously cute as well, add it to your list! This girl is a real talent.

Here is one more thing I am going to be knitting real soon. Check this free pattern out. I used to love these little tennis socks with the pom on the back. I had them in every color. I am totally making some of these to sport around, pom and all.

This book looks cute. I have to check this out soon.

As I say to my kids on the way out the door, "Move it and shake it." Have a good day, Knitters.

best, susie

p.s. Granny square count: 45