Thursday, February 08, 2007

The Best Part

Hi Knitters!

The best part of finishing a new pair of socks is....

starting the next pair. The vintage socks from yarntini are spectacular, warm, and squishy. They make my feet feel loved. You know what I mean. I ordered these next two future pairs of socks from and I am excited to get going. The Posh yarn, which I casted on this morning, is 30% cashmere and 70% merino. I can't wait. The sKNITches yarn is beautiful and is called Breathmint. Minty fresh! I fell for the name.

I have a major thing for color names from crayons, to paint, and most of all to yarn. I can, at times, fall in love with a yarn simply due to its name. I know Rowan used to have Biggy Print in a colorway called Cookie. Cookie. How can I resist that? I also have s'mores sock yarn from Knitpicks. Rowan Handknit Cotton has double chocolate that's hard to resist as well. Why is it all about dessert with me? I have such a problem. I can even recite all of the paint colors on my walls by name. It's all strange but true.

Moving on, tomorrow the beautiful and talented Betz White will make her debut appearance on the Martha Stewart Show. Everyone be sure to tune in. She is a new friend of mine and I am excited for her. I also saw that she has her birdie pouches in the latest issue of Adorn magazine. Congratulations to Betz! She is taking off.

I have a quick, funny story before signing off. I was in JoAnn Crafts last weekend where I ran across Knit It! magazine. I walked by it several times as I was with my son and we were picking out fabric and notions for his home ec. class. Finally, while we were standing in line to check out I grabbed a copy and flipped open to a spread about....itty bitty hats! Really, I opened directly to that page. I nearly fell on the floor. I had to step out of the line for a second to catch my breath. It was just a weird experience. There are 3 patterns from the book in the magazine. Stars, pink pastel marley and the upside-down daisy patterns are featured with a brief description of each. It was a funny thing to happen, so unexpected.

The proofs for book #2 are arriving at my house on Saturday and I have about 10 days to edit. Wish me luck!

best, susie