Monday, January 10, 2011

A Heel is Held

Hi Knitters,
I have my afterthought heel placement all set. See the skinny orange line of stitches? That's where my heel will go after the rest of the sock is knit. Now I have 5 1/2 inches to work on the foot. I am subtracting 4 inches from the total length of my regular sock to start the toe, which is 9 1/2 inches. Then I will add the two-color toe at the end of the foot, pink on one sock, green on the other.

By the way, some have asked, I won't be writing up the pattern for these socks because my socks are directly inspired by someone else's socks. Although they aren't exactly the same, they are very similar and I wouldn't feel right about that. You can make your own socks by plugging in some colorful stripes into a basic rib sock pattern like this one. Voila! They are yours.
Next, I put my needles back in for the heel stitches and pull out the heel holding orange yarn. Work one more toe for the heel in the main color, Shitake. Done deal.

Do you think it will work? I am such a top-down-heel-flap-gusset kind of girl. I am a little worried. I'll keep you posted. I am loving those stripes though. Anyone who complains about weaving in a few (or a lot) of ends doesn't see the pure beauty in stripes. Those few moments of weaving in is worth every bit of time and more to me.

Stripes make me happy.
best, susie