Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I Purled My Knit

Hi Knitters,
Do you see it there on the rib? I do and I'm leaving it in. That's how I roll sometimes. I think it is funny. I am sure it was dark when I did that.
My son's Track Jacket is in the works again. I started it last summer and finished the back and fronts only to find out it was too small even with additional length added. I reluctantly ripped it out. That's just a whole lot of brown stockinette stitch to rip out. I let it stew around for a bit but realized there wasn't any other good solution.

The yarn is Spud & Chloƫ Sweater in the Chipmunk colorway. It is gorgeous.
Here is attempt number two, size XL with added length in the body and arms. He is a long-john with very broad shoulders. This second version is my Ravelympics project for Team Itty-Bitty Knits. I am not trying to be negative but I highly doubt I'll finish within the time frame. I have too much going on to believe I will finish but I am trying to get as far as I can. Every minute I am not doing "work" knitting or writing I am trying to work on the Track Jacket. I have to say it is kind of fun to be working on a big huge sweater when all I've been doing lately are little knitted things. The Ravelympics are definitely giving me a kick start in getting this project done. That is a good thing. I'll just do the best I can.
TC went to her Girl Scout meeting at a friend's house last week and made this wonderful sun-catcher blue icicle making thing. It is colored ice that was in an aluminum pie tin. Today is the first icicle I've seen. I can't wait for her to see it after school.
I love it.
best, susie