Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stitched by Hand

Hi Knitters,
I always laugh about the things I didn't think of before having four kids. Things like trying to keep groceries in the house, massive amounts of laundry, the number of forms you will be filling out (especially at the beginning of the school year) and the number of basic appointments you will be in charge of making, keeping track of and then taking the kids to. In the past few weeks I have had about a half-dozen doctor appointments and five dentist appointments.

All of this pain and suffering is far outweighed by everything positive having a larger family brings to our life. But still. I know this is magnified by the fact that I am not good at keeping a calendar. I'm just not. I try my best. I only messed up on one appointment this summer by showing up a little late and that's not too bad for me.

The point of this silly saga is that I started the hand-stitched head scarf kit from Purl to have a tiny project to tote along with me to some of these appointments last week. The instructions are in here: Alabama Stitch Book. I had so much fun with this little project that I am thinking about ordering this bag kit. I want it to have longer handles though. What do you think?
The knots are part of the design which I love. I always enjoy that handmade, not so perfect, element to anything I make or that someone else makes. The knots add such a richness and element of whimsy. After I stitched around the stenciled on pattern I had to start cutting away. This made me hesitate a little. Cutting is so permanent.
Guess what? I loved the cutting out part. I know it isn't perfect but who cares. I really got into it and discovered that this is one addicting project. I didn't want it to end and immediately started to think about what else I could make using the reverse applique technique.
I am sure you have already guessed who is now the owner of the head scarf. Um, yeah. I cut out the last applique and there she stood ready to put it on. Fantastic.

(We are making something for TC's fairy garden. We saved a stump from our tree removal last year. She is going to mosaic the top of the stump to make a little and colorful seat to place in her garden area. She sanded and primed the seat. Next she will place the tiles with mastic, then grout and seal. I'll keep you posted. TC is into it!)
TC absolutely LOVES the Alabama Stitch bandana. I mean truly loves.
Take it away little one. It's yours.
best, susie