Monday, November 21, 2016

Baa ~ new pattern with tutorials!

Hi, Knitters,
I just finished filming five video tutorials for my new lamb pattern called, Baa. I am so excited to be able to provide pattern specific tutorials now. I think it will be super helpful and a good resource.

First some links:
Pattern: Baa (click here to find out more)
Yarn: Barrett Wool Co. Home Fingering Weight 
Baa #1: Colors: Picket Fence, Peppercorn, Red Flannel and Ellie Gray
Baa #2: Colors: Priscilla, Bear and Picket Fence

I am doing these videos in a bit of a different way. Since the tutorials are so pattern specific I will be providing a link for pattern purchasers to get access to the videos. The videos will be available through this link on my Barrett Wool Co. YouTube Channel. Please go subscribe! I'd love to see you over there. There will be lots of other videos available without a link, too.

If you already purchased the pattern, no worries, as soon as the videos are available I'll send out an update to you. For new purchasers, the link will be included in the pattern for you. All of the new patterns are available on both Barrett Wool Co. and on Ravelry. The link to Ravelry is always on the pattern page for easy access.

I just had to share this beautiful shawl being knit by Olivia of @thishandmadelife on Instagram. It is the first photo I've seen of Barrett Wool Co. being knit up in the wild and it made my heart stop. 

Olivia's shawl is being worked in the Field colorway of the Barrett Wool Co. Home Fingering Weight. 

This is one of my favorite colorways and it took quite a few dip dye tests before it came out exactly right. And here's what Olivia of @thishandmadelife had to say:

"I am absolutely loving your yarn @susanbanderson! This color, the squish, the way it knits.. everything! Knitting up my third half hansel a pattern by@gudrunjohnston "

Thank you so much, Olivia! What a thrill to see something so beautiful being knit with our new yarn and then to read such kind words..... it makes me happy. 

Field was inspired by the prairie grasses at the end of the summer, in late August and early September. The shades of green turn more golden and subdued. There is also that golden hue in the air that is indescribable. That time when the wheat grass is so high that it hovers overhead when walking down hiking trails. 

Field is this color exactly. It evokes feelings of fall, leaves, brisk temperatures, and cozy nights by the fire. It is warm and friendly and it mixes so well with other colors. 

I really want a new pair of socks in this colorway. 

Anyway, I just want to mention one more fun thing going on quickly.

I'm teaching a Vogue Knitting Live New York! Registration is open and I hope to see you in class.

Thank you so much for all of the love last week and now this week. Barrett Wool Co. had a fantastic start and we are thankful and happy to see the warm reception. Lots more in store!
xo ~ susan
p.s. Can you believe it's Thanksgiving week? I can't, but I'll be ready somehow.